Sustainability and Photography

One of the ultimate indicators that we understand sustainability is that we're committed to contributing to dreams so large that they will only be fully realized in future generations.” (JZ)

I will be partaking in an act of citizen journalism for a fix it first initiative for Sustainable Pittsburgh. I will be documenting from a photo journalist perspective the crumbling bridges, traffic congestion corridors, people boarding buses, and bad roads --pot holes etc... The goal is to identify a dedicated source of transportation funding. I will be blogging about this process and also posting photos on my flicker account. For previous thought on service, sustainability and photography see (this) & (this)

Sustainability beyond our own worldcentric perspective.


1, originally uploaded by Craig-Photography.


Ethics is an exercise of taking different perspectives.” - KW
I love this quote!!!! It works for every part of life – Art – Morals & Truth


Photography and Meditation

Photography is seeing, it is the practice of seeing; finally it is the documentation and the capturing of light.

Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind to open up; the act of non-acting, present awareness.

Meditation can bring focus to photography it can open up a new world and a new way of thinking than we previously had.

I only carry a camera with me when I am working but the act/training of photography never stops. It is a displine for me not to carry a camera, but if I carried a camera with me it would cause me to lose focus of what is all around me. I am always looking and reaching out to see my environment in fresh new ways. Through a child eye perspective, untainted innocents of the ever present moment, is the goal.

As a photographer I need to be able to see what is not there. I need to see a better view than what is actually in front of me. This can only be accomplished by opening up to the five senses. Only with practice – stillness – breath can we open up the five senses to see through the third eye.

A meditation practice is a nexus point for photography it is a means of connections of links and tie. Because, in the end we are all in search of this….


Matthew Dallman

Congratulations to Matthew Dallman on receiving a grant - looking forward to reading about it in your blog.

p.s. check out POLYSEMY MAGAZINE


Current Books: Home with God by Neal Walsch
Music: 3121 Prince & Tears in the Rain by Ottmar Liebert
Mood: Hopeful & light – had a doctor apt this morning I think it went well.
Sounds: Only the thoughts in my head and the typing of these keys.
Sights: A window view of a blue cloudless sky
Smells: Coffee Coffee Coffee
Temperature: Pleasant 55 degrees and partly cloudy (not from where I am sitting)
Thoughts: Photography and meditation have so much in common


Sustainability and our future

My Monday morning routine consists of yoga, meditation, drinking coffee and reading the headlines. Which brings me to this posting: To often/daily I come across headlines of our world imploding upon itself, hence the question is why?

“British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave a speech yesterday in Australia in which he said that humanity is facing many issues today, including rampant and spreading terrorism, poverty and famine, environmental degradation and climate change, conflicts between nations and sub-groups within nations, the meeting of our long-term energy needs, angry attitudes between races and religions, immigration matters, world trade matters, and more.”

Today I offer a solution to all universal problems: in a four step program. Below are three links to things that you can do to improve the world. No extremist attitude needed – baby steps please – less is more type of thought – 5% change in action will save the world – you do not even have to tell anybody that your are attempting these practices at all. Step one eat less meat, step two drive less, step three be nice, step four: repeat steps one through three.

Eat less meat
Drive less
Be nice


Transform and Include


I do not carry a dogmatic definition of my faith: simply, I believe all is holy and no one or no building is holier than the next. I open with this statement because this Sunday morning I will be having my baby daughter baptizes at a Catholic Church.

I enjoy Catholic mass very much; I compare it to home cooking. My catholic upbringing was rooted in family tradition and community. I site it as one of my original spark of faith; do to the legalism fundamental aspect of church doctrine that leads to the understanding of Gods grace.

Personal, I can now look back at my Catholic background with a thankful heart. I feel that I have developed beyond the structure of the Catholic Church. I find that personal study, meditation and prayer can fulfill my spiritual needs. Conversely now I find that Catholic monks (Brother Wayne Teasdale, Brother David Steindl-Rast, Fr. Seán ÓLaoire) are currently the most influential teacher of my practice(along with Thich Nhat Hanh). In conversation, I find myself to be a defender of the Catholic faith even if I am not a member or in agreement with all doctrine. I explain this attitude to people as “transform & include”: simply put – mom’s home cooking’s still taste good even if you are a four start chef.

As a Father I will expose my daughter to many faiths in many different building. Holding a close love to the traditions that I was raised in, so that she will be able to “transform and include” her own beliefs when the time comes.

7, originally uploaded by Craig-Photography.

Integral Spirituality - One (little) Taste

Table of contents for Integral spirituality : a startling new role for religion in the modern and postmodern world / Ken Wilber.
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[[FMH]] Contents
A Note to the Reader 0
Introduction: The Integral Approach 00
1. Integral Methodological Pluralism 00
2. Stages of Consciousness 00
3. States of Consciousness 00
4. States and Stages 00
5. Boomeritis Buddhism 00
6. The Shadow and the Disowned Self 00
7. A Miracle Called "We" 00
8. The World of the Terribly Obvious 00
9. The Conveyor Belt 00
10. Integral Life Practice 00
I. From the Great Chain of Being to Postmodernism in 3 Easy Steps 00
II. Integral Post-Metaphysics 00
III. The Myth of the Given Lives On . . . 00
Resources 00
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Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication:


My Integral Practice

  • Body (gross-physical): Yoga & Hiking - 95% vegetarian

  • Body (subtle-emotional): Self evaluation - conversation with my wife, very reflective

  • Mind: reading, journaling, this blog, perennial student - never stop growing

  • Soul/Spirit: Meditation evey morning, Prayer at night, Christian/Buddhists practice

  • Community: Volunteer work - online networking (Zaadz)

  • Nature: Hiking - walking through the woods was the start of my practice: additionally this is were I discovered the beauty of silence .

  • Arts: Playing guitar - Photography is my profession - writing this blog - cooking & photoshop.

  • Goals: Work with a purpose - give with out expectation's
  • Favorite quote:To see love is to see through God's eyes (or) A seed has all the knowledge it needs to become a tree: it only needs time to grow. I am no better than a tree, I am as great as a tree

Atheists or Angel

Watch out--you can't trust me!This link was sent to me from a friend.

What do you call a person who loves his family, community, environment & even possibly the person who has just cut him off in traffic? What would you call a person with a global view asking for nothing in return for his time on earth? A person who does not place blame on God for violence acts placed upon the world? Would you call this person a atheists or a saint?

If you’re a daily reader of this blog then you know I am a person of faith: I would even go as far to say I am in dis-belief about my ability to not question my own beliefs. I simply believe in God with out question. There was no magical moment in my life that brought me to the light; there was no moment of conversion from non believer to a card carrying member of faith. I have always felt that there is a presence greater than I.

If you’re a person of western faith specifically Christian: faith/salvation is rooted in the great reward in the afterlife. Who can we trust: a person who lives their life with a purpose of living a good life or the person who live their life in pursuits of the great reward? Hence atheists can enlighten us to practice our faith in a purer – truer sense. Can a atheists be an angels? I Have Sent You Nothing But Angels



Click photo to read

Level of form - Are you love?

Spirituality, Symbolism, Oneness, and Hypnotherapy: Level of form - Are you love? - great posting from Mike Weir.
P.S. Check out his day job: Heritage Hypnotherapy

thankful heart

, originally uploaded by Craig-Photography.
The above photography repents a reflective piece of my work. I was hiking through the Appalachian Trail in Vermont and stop to take a rest. This stream was nowhere in sight, only the sound of rippling water. I walk off the path following the sounds of water to discover this hidden view. I sat at the edge of stream with a thankful heart for making this discovery.



Current Books: Zen of Creativity by John Daido Lorri (if you enjoy this blog get this book, if you breath air get this book, this book is everything good about art, morals and truth)

Music: Bach at bedtime: lullabies for the still of the night (if you don’t like Bach kill yourself now and end your suffering, no but wait, that would go against my deep non violence practice, who care’s - if you don’t like Bach your dead to me. Ok; do not kill yourself – give Bach a try)

Mood: Not sure, feeling happy??? Answering mood is always so hard for me???

Sounds: Silence

Sights: Photos by John Daido Lorri (I told you to get the book – he the man)

Smells: Coffee Coffee Coffee

Temperature: It’s spring – spring – spring (but) 34 degrees with chance of snow

Thoughts: A seed has all the knowledge it needs to become a tree: it only needs time to grow. I am no better than a tree, I am as great as a tree:


, originally uploaded by Craig-Photography.

Art, Morals & Truth

Why is the focus of this blog on art, morals and truth? Foremost it is my practice for seeing the world. A multidimensional viewing of a single subject within different perspectives, I try to expand upon the art, morals and truth. Perspectives within the composition: this is the process by which I try to see life as living art. Perfection in its process, eternity creating and re-creating itself for the better good of the whole system. After completion of a project I release all attachment to it: for I am only the vessel in which the subject flowed through. Subsequently, the work then belongs to the viewer to do what they will. A definition of an un-definable subject for me is integral art:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the “I” of the beholder. The Good refers to moral and ethical actions that occur between you and me, or “WE” Truth usually refers to objective empirical facts, or “IT’S.” So the three basic dimensions of “I”, “WE”, and “IT’S” also refer to the beautiful, the good, and the true. Art, Morals, and Truth.” (Via Ken Wilber)

The above passage has become a defining focus for my work and the process in which it flows to completion. Writing, music, & photography are the entire creative path to the perfect realization of life. Hence this blog has become a working portfolio of my focus on art, morals, and truth of a life viewed through perspectives.


The way I see it

It is Friday morning and I have Starbucks coffee in hand and thoughts of this blog fall upon me. I search the internet for inspiration for this posting today. I pursue my favorite blog site to find: That Coolmel is the guru of bloging for the spiritual flow, Stuart Davis new CD is coming out independently (Stu I am very much looking forward to your new book) Seth Godins clarifies his previous thoughts about fungus & perfect numbers (read it for yourself??) Matthew Dallma & his wife Hannah write about de-schooling (A subject that has recently become important to me upon the birth of my first child). But still no inspiration strikes me then….

After searching for morning inspiration I look down to the back of my coffee cup & read: The way I see it #69 (it starts out) “You can work for peace on earth every day in the comfort of your very own car…” (It goes on to talk about being nice from inside your car to other people: anti-road rage type of thing.) A random act of kindness from the back of my copy cup.



Via: Jack/Zen
One of the ultimate indicators that we understand sustainability is that we're committed to contributing to dreams so large that they will only be fully realized in future generations.


Seven points of timeless wisdom

1. Spirit exists.
2. Spirit
is found within.
3. Most of us don't realize this Spirit within, however, because we are living in a world of sin, separation, and duality--that is, we are living in a fallen or illusory state.
4. There is a way out of this fallen state of sin and illusion; there is a Path to our liberation.
5. If we follow this path to its conclusion, the result is a Rebirth or Enlightenment, a direct experience of Spirit within, a Supreme Liberation, which--
6. marks the
end of sin and suffering, and which--
7. Issues in social action of mercy and compassion on behalf of all sentient beings.

I think when Christ said, "Love your neighbor as yourself," he must have meant "Love your neighbor as your Self."


Can you feel the vibe?

Sounds are vibrations. Colors are vibrations. Visions are vibrations. Movements are vibrations. Thoughts are vibrations. Moods, feelings, emotions, words are vibrations.
Are you getting the vibe? Light is vibrations: Photography needs good vibes.

What makes great composition is catching the vibe. The true essence of compositions is capturing the energy of the moment. Vibration is energy: You as the photographer can practice this and focus yourself (focus the camera second) to the vibration. For this practice put the camera down and pick yourself up.


- Everybody Sing -

Let me introduce to you the one & only Jeremy Ganss sergeant pepper lonely heart club band.

Truly Elegant. Truly Distinctive. Truly ORIGINAL: + Best DJ in PA + book him today


Late night

Saturday night 1a.m. & I can not sleep – Why? Quotes of Norman Mailer run through my head. C-Span2 (book TV) had a dialogue about his new book co-authored with his son: The Big Empty: Dialogues on Politics, Sex, God, Boxing, Morality, Myth, Poker and Bad Conscience in America.

Ok – Fair enough: I do watch c-span book TV & I like it: Don’t judge me :) ok, I am sorry for raising my voice; come here & give me a hug. Wow that felt good.

Let me share/paraphrase some of my favorite insomnia-attic saying;
*We all have our greed’s
*Fundamentalists are terrorized by there own sins
*Democracy is not an injection

Not sure if I will read the book? (But) If you ever get the chance to listen to Norman Mailer talk, I highly recommenced you do.


The problem with "global warming"

We are facing what might be the greatest threat ever to the future of mankind.
(via: Seth Godin)


, originally uploaded by Craig-Photography.

Integral Options Cafe: New Practice: Gratitude

Integral Options Cafe: New Practice: Gratitude

I am a big fan of the integral community: Today I was thinking about my personal practice and how it could effect the greater whole? Then I came across this posting. I would call this a serendipity discovery.


Not this

Click photo to enlarge - to be read in the voice of Dr.Seuss

Understanding the mystery

Typical new age jargon/philosophy gets beat up for never having to back up there work/point: sometime it can simply make you feel good.


Current Books: Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble
Radiance of Being by Allan Combs
Music: Nickel Creek: Bela Fleck & the Flecktones: Paul McCartney
Mood: Tired, getting over the flu
Sounds: My stomach grumbling & the humming of a heater: Nickel Creek songs running through my head.
Sights: Ansel Adams photographs surprisingly for a photographer who hates working in filmm lab.
Smells: Coffee Coffee Coffee
Temperature: Pleasant 50 degrees
Thoughts: I love writing in this blog


Service, Compassion, Grace, Grit

Dana Reeve, widow of Christopher Reeve, dies of lung cancer

Reeve, a singer-actress who gave up some of her own career to be one of the nation's best-known caregivers, died late Monday at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Medical Center, said Kathy Lewis, president of the Christopher Reeve Foundation.

Reeve had succeeded her husband as chair of the foundation, which funded research into spinal-cord paralysis cures. She announced in August that, while she wasn't a smoker, she had been diagnosed with lung cancer. (Watch CNN announces Reeve's death -- 1:49)

Lewis visited Reeve in the hospital Friday and said Reeve was "tired but with her typical sense of humor and smile, always trying to make other people feel good, her characteristic personality."

"She was a woman with an incredible heart who really put herself out there to help people with disabilities and especially those who are caregivers -- something she knew a lot about," Lewis said.

Four months ago, at a fundraising gala for the foundation, Reeve looked healthy in a long, formal gown and said she was responding well to treatment and her tumor was shrinking.

"I'm beating the odds and defying every statistic the doctors can throw at me," Reeve said then. "My prognosis looks better all the time."

Asked how she kept her spirits up, Reeve said she "had a great model."

"I was married to a man who never gave up," she said.

Christopher Reeve, star of Hollywood's "Superman" movies, became an activist for spinal cord research after a horse-riding accident paralyzed him in 1995. He died October 10, 2004.

Dana Reeve was a constant companion and supporter of her husband during his long ordeal and his work for a cure for spinal cord injuries.

The couple had a 13-year-old son, Will, and Dana Reeve had two grown stepchildren, Matthew and Alexandra.

Reeve, who lived in Pound Ridge, had appeared on Broadway, off-Broadway and regional stages and on the TV shows "Law & Order," "Oz," and "All My Children."

She was on the board of the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts, where she met Christopher Reeve doing summer theater, and the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.

A year ago, she won a Mother of the Year award from the American Cancer Society. A society vice president, Dr. Michael Thun, said Reeve "has shown strength and courage in the face of tremendous adversity." Doctors say 1 in 5 women diagnosed with the disease never lit a cigarette.

In addition to her son and step-children, she is survived by her father, Dr. Charles Morosini, and sisters Deborah Morosini and Adrienne Morosini Heilman.

No funeral plans were announced. The family said donations could be made in Dana Reeve's memory to the Christopher Reeve Foundation in Short Hills, New Jersey


Winter in Vermont


Being conscious of photography: shapes, colors, movements, direction and light are my daily integral vision (perspectives, a symphony of sorts) this is my space.

I dream about space (not in the universal galaxy cosmos way) but that would also be cool, (insert star trek theme here) but in the interconnectedness of life. Space is life; space is a wonderful thing, it is our daily statements in which we connect with each other in. Get out of my space, you’re in my space, he’s out in space, you’re so spaced out, I dig this space, can you give me some space: where can we not be in space? Space is completely filled with line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color, movements, direction, and light: There can not be “no” space (coincidently there can be lack of space?) – Ok, maybe in the non-duality all is suffering through attachment point of view, but that’s not for today thought. Today we live in the physically body it is our job of this existence to inhabit space. I love the psychic and subtle bodies; but they are not going to pay the rent (unless you’re KW). With in the present moment of this space is the ability to be conscious to create to be aware to notice to document this space.

So exhale and then inhale space. Look around it is all so beautiful and magnificent and I want to photograph it all - in its glory and divineness.

Service & Photography

Photography – I love what I do: It is a wonderful place in life to say I love what I do. I do not have a job or a profession maybe a calling but that might be a reach to say. I love being a working artist, photographer. There is no separation in my personal, professional life: it’s all the same. The idea that I do not have to go to work but I am always at work is my life. I get to see the world in many different perspectives: my job is controlling light to document a moment. What is light (top five reasons light is confusing by Stuart Davis). Light is simply a reflection of love: ok ok that is a little corny but that is what it is. It is that spark of divine moment that I capture in a camera for all eternity. Spark of divine moment? What is that? Life, sunrise, smiles, kissing, birth, death, breath, elements, you, me.


Sustainability and digital photography

Economics and environmentally minded focused can be blended together to creates a sustainable future for the planet and your business. In Natural Capitalism – “it’s actually in the interest of business to behave more sustainable, to behave more responsible to the planet and to people.” – Hunter Lovins

I believe that my business can aide in creating a change for a more positive focus toward a sustainable future. Some of the simplest thing digital photographers can do is to place more effort into placing your product on CD/DVD and limited the amount of prints. Why have bookshelves filled up with paper prints when we can simply put in a DVD slide show to watch our favorite photos. Please use the internet (your website) for showing products and getting approval on comical job. This will lead to less transportation, paper, hard product cost. In turn this will lower you’re over all cost. Additionally volunteer your time and skills to local grassroots originations.

My sustainability goals in digital photography:
100% renewable energy (batteries)
40% reduction in vehicle traffic (hybrid car)
Zero product & paper waste (recycling)
Develop positive new memes


Thinkarete Now

- Greek philosophers had a word for the process of self-actualizing and striving to reach your highest potential. They called it 'Areté.' (pronounced ar-uh-tay) -

No time to write I am thinkareting...


POLYSEMY is the magazine for transdisciplinary working artists. Please be sure to check it out


Reflections from my desk

Upon my desk I like to keep cut outs of quotes, phrase’s and out line lists of the type of person I want to be. When something strikes a chord with me (deep down in the soul vibration type of chord) I like to save it to reflect back upon it.

I have Mother Theresa Christmas wish list (total service to others)
Wayne Teasdale nine practices to integral spirituality (non judgment). The Beatitudes of Jesus (compassion to others) I wish more people who label themselves Christian fundamentalist would practice them. (But that is a post for another day)

I have poems of Thich Nhat Hanh (peace). Thich Nhat Hanh is the writer that I would have to choose to be my favorite writer of all time. If they place me on a desert island and only gave me one book to read it would have to be “Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers”. Truly a must read for all.

I have a listing of the Seven Da Vincian Principles (embracing whole brain thinking) P.S. - I was a fan of Da Vincia before he got trendy. If was not for me embracing the Da Vincia principle I probably would not be writing these words today.

I have notes and a chart on AQAL – integral theory by Ken Wilber. (All-inclusive daily practice). Basically Wilber influence on me has done the most for my time management skills.

Lastly I have notes on fatherhood, which I feel all the above information has been a train ground.


“ Don't play what's there, play what's not there. ”
– Miles Davis

- I love this quote: I feel that it is a good follow up to the last posting.

Exterior and Interior of Composition

Can we see creatively with only one single point of interest? Through a child eyes: balancing the point between imagination and reality. Bring together perspective and confusion while maintaining a single focus on a subject. Listed below is a short check list of things to think about for composing a photograph of a single subject.

-Line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color
-Simplicity and tension with a single point of view
-Horizontal framing suggest calm
-Vertical framing suggest pride
-Diagonal framing suggest action
-Light, brightness, color, direction

Listed above is only the exterior of the subject. How can we dive into the interior of a subject? (Art, beauty, self, body, sensation, emotion and your vision logic): The interior of the subject is where you have to close out the judgmental voice of society: To let the voice of society and the judgment that you place upon yourself be lifted. (Even if it’s only for a short while) To leave behind all that you have study and observer. See life/this moment through fresh eyes for the first time. Quiet the mind and be mindful of the moment/subject and your world will open up.