Photography and Meditation

Photography is seeing, it is the practice of seeing; finally it is the documentation and the capturing of light.

Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind to open up; the act of non-acting, present awareness.

Meditation can bring focus to photography it can open up a new world and a new way of thinking than we previously had.

I only carry a camera with me when I am working but the act/training of photography never stops. It is a displine for me not to carry a camera, but if I carried a camera with me it would cause me to lose focus of what is all around me. I am always looking and reaching out to see my environment in fresh new ways. Through a child eye perspective, untainted innocents of the ever present moment, is the goal.

As a photographer I need to be able to see what is not there. I need to see a better view than what is actually in front of me. This can only be accomplished by opening up to the five senses. Only with practice – stillness – breath can we open up the five senses to see through the third eye.

A meditation practice is a nexus point for photography it is a means of connections of links and tie. Because, in the end we are all in search of this….