Love, Forgive & Create

We can do three things in the image of God: we can love, forgive and create.

Not sure why this has meaning to me, it just does.  I think about it in terms of know-living-truth; no need for deeper understanding.  My life is filled with this magical three, daily. All three of these words take a lifetime to understand and a grain of sand to place your knowledge upon.

It also seems to be the three things in life that people struggle with the most. Wonder why?

Create something new, daily and share it.  I have spoken those words more than anything else on this blog. It is the secret to everlasting life. The body will perish but the art will live on. Providence and legacy all come from creating something new and sharing it. The "new" could be a child, a song, a garden, a recipe, a painting, a photo or whatever. The “it” and the “thing” will hopefully be the passion that will out live you.

Love, Forgive and Create….
This is the secret to happiness


Short Film & Random thoughts

Create something new, daily.  That's the secret to success in business, art and life.

As of late I have been thinking a lot about how to educate my daughter. As I research educating her the one constant theme is filling up journals and sketch books.  It seems that tomorrow belongs to the creative thinkers and the idea makers.  I like that.

This short film is how I am creating, connecting and growing.  This is what I am currently studying and filling up my journal with.

Also, this is the film that will accompany Elizabeth’s new website (soon to come).



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Thoughts: Embrace the sacred in your life, relearn simplicity.


Short Film Project

Staring my first short film project later this month.  I will be sharing the building block of this project with you.  Below is step 1 in creating a film.

Treatment:  see Wikipedia film treatment for complete definition (here)

Title: Pittsburgh Urban Landscape

Log-line: This documentary will look at the relationship between urban life in Pittsburgh and the aesthetic backdrop of nature that the city is built upon.

Synopsis:  This documentary will explore the colors and life that goes into a full 24 hours of experiencing Pittsburgh.

The film starts out with a time-lapse of the sun rising over the skyline of the city.

In between you will be guided through a day that consists of traffic, traveling through tunnels, life on the sidewalks, a walk through Point Park, lunch in Market Square, shopping in the historic Strip District and riverfront views of Heinz Field and PNC park.

The journey continues with 5pm rush hour: people making their way out of office buildings and filing onto the T for the evening commute.  Others will be making their way into their favorite bar for happy hour and enjoying drinks with friends; maybe even someone trying their best to flirt with a stranger.

Watch as the the sun sets from a skyline viewing point (time-lapse).

It’s hockey night in Pittsburgh. Watch as the Consol Energy Center fills with fans.  See the excitement of what it means to be up close to a Pittsburgh Penguin fan.

The film ends with empty dark streets.  The camera pans from the roadways to the tops of buildings. A hint of the twilight dawn brings the 24hrs to a conclusion. The end.

Camera, Nikon D800


Workshop Wrap-Up Post

I want to take this moment to thank all who attended yesterday's workshop… it is always a joy, honor and humbling experience to share my experience with you.

Enjoy the photos that you will create.  Take good care of them.  Get them framed and display them on your wall.  Give photos as gifts to your loved ones…

A photo is how we preserve our legacy.  A photo is how we show the providence of where we came from.

Make great photos. Share them...

Next workshop info (HERE)

Create, Connect & Grow




Current Reading: Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey
                                Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel
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Thoughts: Innovation or execution, which is more important to you?