Atheists or Angel

Watch out--you can't trust me!This link was sent to me from a friend.

What do you call a person who loves his family, community, environment & even possibly the person who has just cut him off in traffic? What would you call a person with a global view asking for nothing in return for his time on earth? A person who does not place blame on God for violence acts placed upon the world? Would you call this person a atheists or a saint?

If you’re a daily reader of this blog then you know I am a person of faith: I would even go as far to say I am in dis-belief about my ability to not question my own beliefs. I simply believe in God with out question. There was no magical moment in my life that brought me to the light; there was no moment of conversion from non believer to a card carrying member of faith. I have always felt that there is a presence greater than I.

If you’re a person of western faith specifically Christian: faith/salvation is rooted in the great reward in the afterlife. Who can we trust: a person who lives their life with a purpose of living a good life or the person who live their life in pursuits of the great reward? Hence atheists can enlighten us to practice our faith in a purer – truer sense. Can a atheists be an angels? I Have Sent You Nothing But Angels