Sustainability and our future

My Monday morning routine consists of yoga, meditation, drinking coffee and reading the headlines. Which brings me to this posting: To often/daily I come across headlines of our world imploding upon itself, hence the question is why?

“British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave a speech yesterday in Australia in which he said that humanity is facing many issues today, including rampant and spreading terrorism, poverty and famine, environmental degradation and climate change, conflicts between nations and sub-groups within nations, the meeting of our long-term energy needs, angry attitudes between races and religions, immigration matters, world trade matters, and more.”

Today I offer a solution to all universal problems: in a four step program. Below are three links to things that you can do to improve the world. No extremist attitude needed – baby steps please – less is more type of thought – 5% change in action will save the world – you do not even have to tell anybody that your are attempting these practices at all. Step one eat less meat, step two drive less, step three be nice, step four: repeat steps one through three.

Eat less meat
Drive less
Be nice