Service & Photography

Photography – I love what I do: It is a wonderful place in life to say I love what I do. I do not have a job or a profession maybe a calling but that might be a reach to say. I love being a working artist, photographer. There is no separation in my personal, professional life: it’s all the same. The idea that I do not have to go to work but I am always at work is my life. I get to see the world in many different perspectives: my job is controlling light to document a moment. What is light (top five reasons light is confusing by Stuart Davis). Light is simply a reflection of love: ok ok that is a little corny but that is what it is. It is that spark of divine moment that I capture in a camera for all eternity. Spark of divine moment? What is that? Life, sunrise, smiles, kissing, birth, death, breath, elements, you, me.