Being conscious of photography: shapes, colors, movements, direction and light are my daily integral vision (perspectives, a symphony of sorts) this is my space.

I dream about space (not in the universal galaxy cosmos way) but that would also be cool, (insert star trek theme here) but in the interconnectedness of life. Space is life; space is a wonderful thing, it is our daily statements in which we connect with each other in. Get out of my space, you’re in my space, he’s out in space, you’re so spaced out, I dig this space, can you give me some space: where can we not be in space? Space is completely filled with line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color, movements, direction, and light: There can not be “no” space (coincidently there can be lack of space?) – Ok, maybe in the non-duality all is suffering through attachment point of view, but that’s not for today thought. Today we live in the physically body it is our job of this existence to inhabit space. I love the psychic and subtle bodies; but they are not going to pay the rent (unless you’re KW). With in the present moment of this space is the ability to be conscious to create to be aware to notice to document this space.

So exhale and then inhale space. Look around it is all so beautiful and magnificent and I want to photograph it all - in its glory and divineness.