Current Books: Zen of Creativity by John Daido Lorri (if you enjoy this blog get this book, if you breath air get this book, this book is everything good about art, morals and truth)

Music: Bach at bedtime: lullabies for the still of the night (if you don’t like Bach kill yourself now and end your suffering, no but wait, that would go against my deep non violence practice, who care’s - if you don’t like Bach your dead to me. Ok; do not kill yourself – give Bach a try)

Mood: Not sure, feeling happy??? Answering mood is always so hard for me???

Sounds: Silence

Sights: Photos by John Daido Lorri (I told you to get the book – he the man)

Smells: Coffee Coffee Coffee

Temperature: It’s spring – spring – spring (but) 34 degrees with chance of snow

Thoughts: A seed has all the knowledge it needs to become a tree: it only needs time to grow. I am no better than a tree, I am as great as a tree: