Sustainability and digital photography

Economics and environmentally minded focused can be blended together to creates a sustainable future for the planet and your business. In Natural Capitalism – “it’s actually in the interest of business to behave more sustainable, to behave more responsible to the planet and to people.” – Hunter Lovins

I believe that my business can aide in creating a change for a more positive focus toward a sustainable future. Some of the simplest thing digital photographers can do is to place more effort into placing your product on CD/DVD and limited the amount of prints. Why have bookshelves filled up with paper prints when we can simply put in a DVD slide show to watch our favorite photos. Please use the internet (your website) for showing products and getting approval on comical job. This will lead to less transportation, paper, hard product cost. In turn this will lower you’re over all cost. Additionally volunteer your time and skills to local grassroots originations.

My sustainability goals in digital photography:
100% renewable energy (batteries)
40% reduction in vehicle traffic (hybrid car)
Zero product & paper waste (recycling)
Develop positive new memes