Are You A Pro

What is your starting place?

Today there is no barrier to achieve going pro. Honestly, there are no pros but we are all pros each in our way.

I believe that there are four types of photographers who call themselves a pro:

1. You buy a DSLR camera, turn it on Auto and lie to everyone that you are a pro.

2. You buy a DSLR camera, turn it on Auto and your Facebook friends tell you that you are good at taking pictures.  (Pictures, not photos...big difference) Hence, you think that you are a pro.

3. You buy a DSLR and take a couple of classes and workshops.  You learn how to shoot in Manual and then open a website and tell everyone that you are a pro. (just because you can shoot in Manual does not make you a pro; it only means that you know how to use a tool, a.k.a. the camera.  I know how to use a hammer and a saw...that does not make me a carpenter).

4. You buy a DSLR, maybe you study it in college, or take a workshop, or intern with a working professional. You spend a lifetime pursuing the craft, never once getting to the skill level that you think you should be at.  You work, you study, you practice, you shoot, you shoot, you shoot, you love it. You appreciate compliments but never feel that you deserve them.  You spend an entire life at a beginner's mindset never losing that feeling of being a passionate hobbyist. This is what a working photographer is.  When ego and insecurity are at battle with each other at all times, but your passion for the craft never dies.

What type of pro are you?



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Engagement Film

You got to see a bit from Ceci &; Joe’s E-Session Part Deux and I know you remember their feature on Style Me Pretty for their E-Session Part Une, which included a fun little film.

Well here is the film for the 2nd part of their E-Session.

Make sure you view it to the end…we had a little fun with it. Enjoy.


Remember This ~

You do not need to be STRONG enough for whatever life throws at you…..You need to be COMPASSIONATE enough to be of service to it.


Photography Class & Lecture

I will be speaking at South Park Library as part of their summer creative series.  For those of you that have attended workshops of mine in the past this is a good chance to get a refresher.  For those of you wanting to take my workshop in the future this is a great sneak peek into what you will learn.

I will be discussing “All Things Photography” and there will be an extensive Q&A session at the end of the lecture.

Date: Tuesday July 22nd
Time: 7pm
Place: South Park Library
Cost: Free



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Not to often do I post photos from the day job, but, I had so much fun last night I wanted to show a couple of these pics.  Be sure to check out Elizabeth's blog for more on our engagement work.


Clouds ~ Time lapse

Spent yesterday sitting outside on a could May day making this time lapse.  The orginal time lapse was 30 seconds, just to long to watch, I cut it down to 7 seconds.  This feels watchable.


Fast Feet ~

My new side project for the next couple of months is timelaspe. Quick tip for those wanting to try out timelaspe photography, be sure to download Kessler app.....



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Wedding Photography

Not to often that I post a wedding photo, if you want to see more of my wedding work check out:
Craig Photography Wedding
Wedding Blog