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"most of the time, for me, it's more like witnessing during the process of taking a picture (since I mostly take pictures of inanimate objects)". Rommel de Leon started with photography as a hobby. Then he soon found out that, aside from being an entertaining form of creative expression, it can also be used as "witnessing" practice colors are more vivid, light and shade dance, ordinary scenes reveal their stories, nature bares its details, people are more expressive, awareness expands.

Note: All photographs are licensed under Creative Commons.

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Photography is collective and collaborative intelligence

Photography is collective and collaborative intelligence. This past weekend I completed a three day project; I wish I could share the photographs with you, but I can’t because they are no longer mind. (See this posting; it was to the left and right of my subjects) Photography is the interior and exterior of the perfect moment. Documentation of the physical subject while capturing the inner emotion. Reflection is my only ownership of my past weekend assignment: all copyrights and CD negatives our property of my clients. Gratefulness & bows of thank you….

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Eugenef.com Photography

Go check this site out: I highly recommend it.

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Day two of a three day project; I love being envelop inside a project. There is no separation of life and work for me. There is no work only life, only living my life. Yes, I have deadlines and clients to answerer too. The appreciation of the practice is what I enjoy the most. Today, I am gratified and humbled buy what I do. Photography, composition, documentation, create, service, compassion, love.


City Photographers + Pittsburgh

City Photographers
The Online Photographer: City Photographers
It’s always seemed odd to me that cities don’t have photographers. The White House has an official photographer; so do football teams and opera companies; why doesn’t Chicago? Is Phoenix too bland, Atlanta eternal and unchanging, Portland, Maine uninterested in what Portland, Oregon looks like?
Our society could use a little more art, and a little more remembering the past. What a great idea. (via - High Desert Wabderer)



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I Thank You

The ever present transdental moment of this collective and collaborative intelligence of all living being in time and space rest right here in this breath. With a deep bow of gratitude to the men and women who have paved my way in life. I thank you. There devotion to the belief in a better world has guided me to pursue a life of service to all in thought, action and deed.

Art has become a meditation to me in the practice of how I daily see the world. Art has become a service to me on how I give back to the world. Art is what I leave to the world as a thank you for my time spent.

Serendipitous things flow to those who flow with it, (via ~C4Chaos)


Technology & Intentions

When technology surpasses intentions, which equal blessing or chaos, creation is at hand. When your intentions surpass technology you sit and wait for salvation to come. (a.k.a. the repair man)


Chang your Perspective

Chang your perspective was the tattoo on the girl writs that was giving me a massage. It inquired me to speculate about what she may see in her work/life that would necessitate her to place a reminder on herself. I am not one for tattoos but the idea of placing an uplifting message on your self to share with the world and for it to be a reminder of what is needed now in humanity resonates highly with me. If I was to place a tattoo on myself it would say “Love all Serve all - Give without Expectations - Work with a Purpose".

Meditation Increases Brain Size

Check out this & this for more info -


Entrepreneurial Artist

I have been asked if I am an entrepreneurial artist: I have not been comfortable using these terms entrepreneurial or artist when describing myself. I personally feel that those titles are not to be self-describing but for others to place upon us if we are creditable of the titles. “Liberating the entrepreneurial spirit for good” (via FLOW) is an article that I hope I display in my daily work and practice. I find the article to be a exceptionally integral read.



Let me introduce to you two new blogs that I have been reading Dynamically Distinct Discourse & High Desert Wanderer(Very arty & very cool): Check them out & also check out Zaadz.


Experience Of

Why do I write this blog? Why do I play music? Why do I take photographs? Simply for the experience of: I do not want to persuade public thoughts, I wish for others to have their own experiences. Life is creation; why not experience your own creation by simply doing just that. What ever inspires you - do that. Too often we do not follow our bliss because our bliss has no value of earning money. Habitually our collective society tells us if there is no dollar value there is no value. Today I offer the mantra: Simply for the experience of. Value the experience of? "of"?.


My Wife

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Spiritual Creativity & Photography

Spiritual creativity is a phrase that has been crossing my pass in resent reading. I feel that both words spiritual and creativity can/are use interchangeable in photography. They both represent a practice that is root in daily life and faith: you need to see/feel beyond your own five senses to transform and include your own five senses for the practice to become faithful. Photography is only a moment of perspective.

See ZAADZ pod on creative spirituality for further info


Artistic Presence

The camera is the tool I use to communicate with and I remain awestruck.

Photography has always been latent as a blessing of its own accord. Photography is present and accessible in my unconscious mind but not always consciously expressed. It has become second nature to me as a blessing of my own environment to practice the craftsmanship of photography.


Photography Is

Stop buying (extra/supplementary) photography equipment. Photography is not who has the most expensive equipment. Photography is not having 5 different cameras with 15 different lenses, latest flash products and software updates. Photography is not having a warehouse full of equipment. Photography is not taking pride in what you purchase but in what you produce.

Photography is composition, service to others, documenting of the five senses, a meditation, art morals and truth, consciousness of your space, a thankful heart. Photography is a practice.


A magazine "for artists, by artists" - I can not wait to check out the first issue.


Natural Magnificence

6, originally uploaded by Craig-Photography.

Natural magnificence of spring time air: Spring is aroma spring is fragrance. Spring is the acceptance of fresh life that creates space for new possibilities. Today I recognized in myself that I am grateful for this moment of reflective thought.


Evolution is subtle until it’s not

I have been reading two books recently: The World is Flat & The Singularity is Near. I recommend both of these books for two good reasons. First they collective give you the understanding that evolution is subtle until it’s not & second if someone breaks in to your house you can throw your books at them (big heavy books, you get your dollars worth)

Evolution is subtle until it’s not is becoming one of my favorite phrases: I find the phrases to be reflective in an integral perspective. In an AQAL map I can apply it to all aspect of my daily practices.

My First United Kingdom Review

Craig Photography - A gregarious and philosophical photographer.
Thanks for the kind words. - via Kapitano



-Great view/read on art philosophy from Mathew Dallman, cket it out.

Top 5 lists “Things a man can’t do”

1) Multi Task
2) Fold a T-shirt neatly
3) Answers the question do I look_________: Correctly
4) Complete her shopping list correctly – first time out
5) Bake a soft cookie


Save the Internet + 'Net Neutrality'

Some additional info was provide for me by ~C4Chaos see this video & this post too bad though.


, originally uploaded by Craig-Photography.


Nonprofit Pittsburgh PA

Photography, composition and integral business has enveloped my critical thoughts. I enjoy being a photographer: I am lucky enough to earn a living without having to actually earn a living. Photography and composition is my life, there is no separation or ending/starting point of my work day.

Integral business: What is that? It is what is fundamental and comprehensively connective to the ethics of my professional life. The goal of integral business is to work with a purpose. A balance lifestyle, satisfying clients, earn a living for my family and community and environmental service.

Going forward I will further integrate integral business ethics into my photography business by reaching out and donating my services to nonprofit Pittsburgh PA organizations. (Think globally act locally) To the readers of this blog: please past this posting on to any organizations that may benefit from this service.

Photography Portfolio

New updates to the right side bar: I will be adding a nature portfolio link soon. All photos licensed under a creative commons, please feel free to use them. Hey, If you want a print for your home e-mail me.


Meditation and Blogging

I had a couple different discussions with a few special friends; one is a hypnotherapist one is a photographer and one is a writer/novelist. All separate but collective conversations were base on integral business and what work best for me.

Meditation and blogging are hands down the two best single practice’s that I have maintained that have improved the over all of my professional and personal life. The ever expanding undefinable practice of meditation for me is learning to use a muscle that I never knew I had. Ok, it’s not the clearest sentence or example of what meditation is; but it works. Meditation centers your mind and body bring you a clearer mind set. AHHH bloging, the random documentation and uploading of my thoughts: in my practice it is a daily transdisciplinary working portfolios. It is a way that my clients and perspective clients can learn about me. See Art, Morals & Truth posting for more on why blogging works for me. In closing the interior and exterior of my body, mind and soul are developed in a daily practice of meditation and blogging.