The way I see it

It is Friday morning and I have Starbucks coffee in hand and thoughts of this blog fall upon me. I search the internet for inspiration for this posting today. I pursue my favorite blog site to find: That Coolmel is the guru of bloging for the spiritual flow, Stuart Davis new CD is coming out independently (Stu I am very much looking forward to your new book) Seth Godins clarifies his previous thoughts about fungus & perfect numbers (read it for yourself??) Matthew Dallma & his wife Hannah write about de-schooling (A subject that has recently become important to me upon the birth of my first child). But still no inspiration strikes me then….

After searching for morning inspiration I look down to the back of my coffee cup & read: The way I see it #69 (it starts out) “You can work for peace on earth every day in the comfort of your very own car…” (It goes on to talk about being nice from inside your car to other people: anti-road rage type of thing.) A random act of kindness from the back of my copy cup.