My Integral Practice

  • Body (gross-physical): Yoga & Hiking - 95% vegetarian

  • Body (subtle-emotional): Self evaluation - conversation with my wife, very reflective

  • Mind: reading, journaling, this blog, perennial student - never stop growing

  • Soul/Spirit: Meditation evey morning, Prayer at night, Christian/Buddhists practice

  • Community: Volunteer work - online networking (Zaadz)

  • Nature: Hiking - walking through the woods was the start of my practice: additionally this is were I discovered the beauty of silence .

  • Arts: Playing guitar - Photography is my profession - writing this blog - cooking & photoshop.

  • Goals: Work with a purpose - give with out expectation's
  • Favorite quote:To see love is to see through God's eyes (or) A seed has all the knowledge it needs to become a tree: it only needs time to grow. I am no better than a tree, I am as great as a tree