Art, Morals & Truth

Why is the focus of this blog on art, morals and truth? Foremost it is my practice for seeing the world. A multidimensional viewing of a single subject within different perspectives, I try to expand upon the art, morals and truth. Perspectives within the composition: this is the process by which I try to see life as living art. Perfection in its process, eternity creating and re-creating itself for the better good of the whole system. After completion of a project I release all attachment to it: for I am only the vessel in which the subject flowed through. Subsequently, the work then belongs to the viewer to do what they will. A definition of an un-definable subject for me is integral art:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the “I” of the beholder. The Good refers to moral and ethical actions that occur between you and me, or “WE” Truth usually refers to objective empirical facts, or “IT’S.” So the three basic dimensions of “I”, “WE”, and “IT’S” also refer to the beautiful, the good, and the true. Art, Morals, and Truth.” (Via Ken Wilber)

The above passage has become a defining focus for my work and the process in which it flows to completion. Writing, music, & photography are the entire creative path to the perfect realization of life. Hence this blog has become a working portfolio of my focus on art, morals, and truth of a life viewed through perspectives.