Current Reading: There is no God and He is Always with You by Brad Warner
Current Music: New by Paul McCartney
Mood: ok
Smells: Cold morning air
Sounds: A mother telling her story about her sin living with NMO
Temperature: 40 degrees 
Thoughts: I am starting to believe that consciousness is more akin to grace, a gift given to a few...


Elizabeth Craig Intimates Beauty Portraits

Check out my wife in action... This is what she does when you are not looking...





Current Reading: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
Current Music: Round About Midnight by Miles Davis
Mood: Fog
Smells: Fire place
Sounds: Fan
Temperature: 54 degrees
Thoughts: Today is the start of a new journal, old journal filled.


Short Film ~ Mansions on Fifth

Here is my latest film.  Check out the time lapse at the beginning.  Been waiting to add time lapse for awhile. For those who been asking: I am using Nikon D800 for all stills, motion and time lapse, love this camera!


Elizabeth Craig Beauty Portraits ~ Short Film

“….it’s about enjoying the powerful side of femininity. 

It’s about recognizing your outer & inner beauty….” 


Art Doc ~ 30sec Film

Start of a new project. Just a little sneak peak of what is to come....


Shine On ~ Pittsburgh Pirates

A little ‘Burgh beauty for a bunch of luck to our Pirates on their first play-off game in 21 years tonight! Go Bucs!