New Life

My wife & new baby girl: Ella Marie Craig, born 1/26/06.
Today my practice begins: all has been training for this moment.


Primitive or Evolved

What separates primitive beings from highly evolved beings?
They observe what is so, and they do what works.
Neale Donald Walsch

- A little piece of advice from God’s voice on earth. Smile it’s ok


Digital Photography – Creativity – Service – Free Culture

Why do I choose to include all the copyright & CD-negative’s of my photography with original purchase? Totally eliminating any chance of future resale of my work? I do this because I believe in a digital e-comerance you should only have to buy the product once. Traditional photographers have to go back the original negative every time to make reproduction or edits of the original work. In digital photography we do not; we only need to duplicate then do any enhancements we choose. Yes; sitting down at the computer is still going back to the original product and spending your time. Is that not worth a fee for your time? Yes; all original work & enhancements are worth charging a premium for. That is why I was hired in the first place: for my composition, technology and photography skills.
Why resale the same product over & over to someone who all ready paid for it once? Tradition business would tell us that is why we are in business to simply and to only make money. The question that I ask is: with new technology should there not be new philosophy toward business? Can creativity and service be our product?
In my personal photography business Craig Photography I have been taking full advantage of current technology (internet networking). I do not need a retail space (lowering cost). I do not have to warehouse other people products because I do not resale (lowering cost). I do not have to advertise (lowering cost). Hence my free culture open hand philosophy towards business. You the customer own the product that you bought. You the customer may do what you will with your product. You the customer have limitless option to do what you will with your purchase. You the customer own a first generation product that you may pass down to future generations. Enabled you free expression creative freedom and continues creative expression.


My favorite photo


Mission statement

Today I decided to start work on a mission statement: First I need to figure out what my mission is? We needed to earn a living; and we wanted to contribute to the well-being of other people clients; team members; vendors; community; and environment. That sound like a goal/mission.

Craig Photography business paradigm & core values

1) Balance lifestyle of professional & personal
--- Shared Fate ---
2) Satisfying & delighting clients
--- Shared Fate ---
3) Increase earning a living & contributing to the well being of others
--- Shared Fate ---
4) Community & environmental responsibility and service
--- Shared Fate ----


A little about me

Current Book: Light on Life
Music: Bach cello suites
Mood: light & questioning (is questioning a mood?)
Sounds: inner voice with rambling thoughts & the humming of a heater
Sights: computer screen, parking lot, night time sky
Smells: Dust, yes dust- people are working by me kicking up dust
Temperature: Cold out side 29 degree, inside - a little chilly I am sitting next to a window
Thoughts: Do I practice my beliefs ?

Create, Service, Compassion, Photography

Why blog?

To: create, compassion, service, grace, forgiveness
Because I am: A husband, Father(to be soon), A Musician, A Photographer
Goals: Work with a purpose, give with out expectation's, love all serve all
favorite quote:To see love is to see through God's eyes