Spirituality, Symbolism, Oneness, and Hypnotherapy: Forgiveness is freedom

Spirituality, Symbolism, Oneness, and Hypnotherapy: Forgiveness is freedom


In my continued thoughts about composition I can not help but wonder why (I/we) continually search out the knowledge of other: as opposed to developing confidence in our own ability’s. I have recently read to great books on photography: Understanding Digital Photography: Techniques for Getting Great Pictures & Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera

I recommend both books: they have a great simple focus on understanding the basics of seeing. Why read about seeing? Why can we not see, live, developed, study our own works? I have written in this blog before about putting down the camera and developing our own practice.

After 16+years of professional photography I still come back to basic. The haunting question is why do I need or search out someone else knowledge? Ok, ok, I believe in being the constant student – never getting to the mountain top – the journey is the destinations. When do I become the teacher? I have been sought out by some for my knowledge but I have not felt confident in preaching to choir.

Today my practice will be seeing through a child eyes: not having to worry about my past knowledge – a clean slate



Speak on, or should I say keep on bloging: This is a great how to post from coolmel. Thak for the help. I need it.


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  1. Tibet: tochay
  2. Tailand: kopuncup
  3. Urkraine: jakuyu
  4. India: danya vaat
  5. Greece: ev haresto
  6. Latvia: pal di es
  7. Slovenia/Serb: hvala
  8. Italy: gracie
  9. Japan: arigato gozaimas
  10. Croatia: falla
  11. China: shie shie Lithuania: aciu
  12. Russia: spaciba
  13. Lebanon: shukran
  14. Hawaii: mahalo
  15. Vietnam: cam un
  16. Liberia: azile
  17. Korea: kam saham nida


If at first you don’t succeed Skydiving is not for you


Photography & Copyright

Copyright office head denounces "big mistake" of extending copyright The head of the US copyright office has accused Congress of making a mistake by extending the length of copyright in America, calling the term "too long," and saying that Congress made a "big mistake."
The remarkable admission came at the tail end of an
event held at the UNC Law School on November 2, 2005, when Mary-Beth Peters, the Register of Copyrights, and a panel of copyright scholars, lawyers and bureaucrats convened to deliberate copyright in public.

- why close your hand and ask for more: open your hand and give-


What does it matter how one comes by the truth so long as one pounces upon it and lives by it?
Henry MillerUS author (1891 - 1980)

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Service & Compassion part II

Perspective or Confusion

I have been writing in this blog about how love, suffering & service go hand in hand. On the opposite side I have been wondering about what we call evil, hurtful, bad luck or simply mean spirited nature.

There is pain in the world & we can not avoid the experience of this. We may hold on to the saying “Every cloud has a silver liningwith suffering there is blessing. Unfortunately we need to go through the experience and then reflect back on it to see the blessing that occurred.

I have seen a friend of mine go through a personal struggle lately: Her suffering has been base in a true nature of service to the world. Although her struggle has failed to provide her with the result that she desired. She called me to express her feeling and hopefully to get some kinds words from me to comfort her: but I had no words for her experience. I simple said there are no words to express what you have gone through. Initially I want to say that I will pray for you. (See yesterday post as why I did not say that to her) After giving it some thought I think prayer could be the best self- therapy/meditation for her.

I would ask her prayers to be thankful for this moment, for this current breath, for all of life experience that has brought her to this moment of NOW. That she could see that all past struggles and disappointment have been blessing. That has made her a person who would take on a challenge of great meaning. That she could have the needed perspective to see clearly. That she may have all her confusion wiped away.


Service & Compassion

People are praying for me and I feel guilty. Right now people are dying of starvation, waterborne diseases and AIDS, one death per second globally.

Psalm 103 “I will bless the Lord and not forget the glorious things he does for me. He forgives all my sin. He heals me.”

I have received phone calls, e-mails, personal cards and hugs from people all followed up with the phrase “I am praying for you.” I should be thankful, appreciative and humbled for the out pouring of prayers that have come my way. However I have a guilt inside me that wishes people would not pray for me. I know that sound awful but I can not help filling that I am not worthy of these prayers.

I have Transverse Myelitis which may or may not develop in to MS. I think of this time in my life to be my cross to bear or my dark night of the soul. Even saying that or in this case typing that feel overly dramatic to me on my part. Truthfully I feel at peace in my heart that will carry me thought this process. I believe that my personal practice of body, mind & spirit will be my cure: additionally and most importantly the love of and from my wife is truly my rock to lean on.

Please forgive me for this request: Please do not pray specifically for me. May your prayers be a world centered prayer focused on forgiveness of self and other, focused on healing for self and other. May we all act in service to one another. – Namaste-


Great as a tree



Current Book: The World’s Religions by Huston Smith
Music: Bach cello suites (I can not get enough of this music)
Mood: Happy – anxious
Sounds: baby cooing & a fireplace crackling
Sights: A sunny morning with a bright reflective glow from the window.
Smells: Coffee Coffee Coffee
Temperature: Cold out side 19 degree, inside - a little chilly I am sitting next to a window
Thoughts: looking forward to recording new music



  1. I was conceived by no death & no birth. I was conceived by what I am & what I am becoming. I have gone to the ground & sky many times: I have fueled the elements eternally. I can never not be: I am consuming only by the earth, which is the only product that I produce. Constant re-birth & re-death itself is the moment that created this ever present now.


B-SCAN with Brian Johnson (a.k.a. CEO+Philosopher of Zaadz)

A great interview between coolmel & Brian Johnson


Thank You

I would like to thank Integral Practice for the kind words about this blog.

Artististry and Compassion
ebuddha on Thu 16 Feb 2006 01:41 PM EST
A new blog was brought to my attention, that seems to have a really unique focus. Called
Composition, Service Compassion, Photography, there is a real focus on that CAPTURED MOMENT of awareness, where the mind stops - and briefly - there is a pause in meditative reflection. And this is reflected in the photographs. As well, there is a focus on service, isn't something that I have linked to much here, and I need to do more of it...


Let me step onto the pulpit:

I am a son a brother a husband a father a friend a photographer a musician a citizen. I can find no separation between me & society. We must serve in any manner we can.

It’s not a coincidence that in the Scriptures, poverty is mentioned more than 2,100 times. It’s not an accident. That’s a lot of air time, 2,100 mentions. [You know, the only time Christ is judgmental is on the subject of the poor.] ‘As you have done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.’ (Matthew 25:40). As I say, good news to the poor. REMARKS AT THE NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST - Bono


Why can I hear music when there is a total absence of sound? - Stuart Davis-


What are we achieving with our practice? David Lynch (filmmakerr) has a plan for peace. That he conceive through transcendental meditation. I myself have become more of a city monk in my daily practice; trying not to change or influence people but simply letting people be with out judgments. I personal believe in giving without expectations that life is perfection in the process.

What am I achieving? Hopefully I am a ripple in the water that creates a reflection into the world.



In photography & music people always ask me about my technique: How did I do that & what equipment did I use? The answer is always the same: I use the interior & exterior of self. What?

Owning a camera or an instrument will not make you a better artist or person. Buying book after book on technique will not help you conceive a photograph or a piece of music. Having the discipline to practice the techniques in the books will eventually lead to you being a more complete & well rounded artist. (Witch I recommend you do)

Composition is a balance of the interior & exterior of self: A composition is only created from yourself there is no product that you can buy that will help you conceive a composition. You must live and become the instrument & let the creation flow through you. A composition must be conceived in the mind first (interior) or third ear/eye. Second you must be able to express it through your body (exterior).

My secrets to composition are The Seven Da Vincian Principles , yoga, meditation, prayer, diet; a belief that love has no opposite. A practice of deep non-violence, forgiveness & that we all must share in suffering and service to one another. Lastly, the practice of mindfulness when you have your camera or instrument in your hand mindfulness will lead you to seeing & hearing a world you never conceived of before.

For a deeper understating of Art Philosophy see the works of Matthew Dallman.



Slipping this skin - by Joe Perez

I caught myself reading & re-readingthis post: a pure moment in a integral life.



Do we define ourselves by what we consume or by what we produce? - Stephanie Kaza-

This is a great book “Hooked” by Stephanie Kaza: I highly recommend it. I had the opportunity to read this book on the 2nd day of my daughter’s life. My wife laid a sleep in a hospitable recovery bed after having our daughter via C-section. I sat by my wife bedside reading this book; I could not think of a better time for this book to be place in my life.

For a different perspective see: Mike Weir thoughts



Postmodern or Integral or Conservative or liberal

Do I need to decide? Pick a team? I hate putting bumper stickers on my car. Next they will ask me to subscribe to there magazine or newletter: one more chain gang e-mail asking me to accept & express their views & I ‘m going to exploded. Please do not ask me to picket or go to any rallies. All my donation are going straight to the causes of my choice. I will vote my voice choice not the media money bait & switch spending daddy friends money choice.

What am I? Postmodern thinking, good: Integral perspective good, very good, conservative in personal life & not placing my judgement/views/opinion on others, good: Liberal, let all help each other & get along, good.

No body is 100% wrong evey time. Listen. Lesson learned


Information from conception

My birthday calculator

Zen happens

Zen happens: We can not fight the universe & if we try we will create disease in our self and our surrounding. Today we live in a world were we can create a balance in self, culture & nature in body, mind and spirit. With the connection of eastern & western philosophy we can gather the best of the best for our personal practice.

Music & photography offers a balance practice to me: I need to service my audience while being true to my composition. Inspiration needs to come from culture and nature: from the interior and exterior of self, soul & society. Meditation, yoga, academic study, diet has to keep me well in order for me to serve. For I and the audience are one: “the beginning illusion ending eternally.”


Walking in New York


Conscious solution

How do I fit into the conscious solution, not the unconscious problem?
1) Moral capacity
2) Practicing deep nonviolence
3) Spiritual practice
4) Humility
5) Simplicity of lifestyle
6) Service and compassion to others
- Wayne Teasdale -
I continually think about these words: In my daily practice I put forth effort into the principal of the above words. Never knowing if the path I walk encompasses the virtuous of there meaning.

Photography & music encompasses all of this to me: Life is only moments of art, morals and truth. Being able to document and provide a soundtrack for people feels like divine work.



There is only one God and He is God to all; therefore it is important that everyone is seen as equal before God. I’ve always said we should help a Hindu become a better Hindu, a Muslim become a better Muslim, a Catholic become a better Catholic. - Mother Teresa -

Why is it that people of service get it? They are not judgmental nor condemning simply living a life of service.



Perfection in the process; has become a main stay saying in my life. It is the way I choose to see the world. I try not to see the world in acts of judgments or labels (good or evil) but in moment of unfolding perfection. Truthfully this is hard to apply on a daily level. CNN, ABC, Fox news, any media outlet shows what evil is & how it spreads. There are act of evil. Nazi, rape, murder, seven deadly sins & they all hurt. In a world's view you can see how the greater good comes out of acts of evil. Charities, volunteers, prayers, donations, hand holding; people care and want to console those who are in need. Where are we before the the moment of that un-ethical act?

Perfection in the process as it it applied to suffering and evolution. We are impermanent by design; there will be a birth & death for all. There will never be a time of un-evolution we can not stop or go back. Where there is love there will be suffering ; suffering & love need to co-exist for us to feel. Suffering creates service with service creates love. Partents service there children, sposes serve each other, this is the grace of life that coneccts all of us.

Do we, can we choose to see perfection in the process? Will we, can we learn from past suffering and evolution? Where are we before the the moment of that un-ethical act?


Composition: I love composition, flow, movement, balance, the greater whole. The big picture the final project, completeness of the over all project. Music, photography, writing, art, cooking: I am motivated by the composition of the work not giving overall importance to the substance or technical of the subject. We (as in you & I to form us) have been exposed to so much bad composition: Day time TV, technical – pop novel writing, music industries placing merchandising sales over songwriting. Media & corporate merchandising AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH (I know this is a fragment that I should consider reversing, but I won’t). I hate it when Microsoft word is smarter than me. Why do people buy other people product to become a walking billboard? All the blind sheep wake up; come on please just a little. Composition, I love you. XOXO


Songwriting & Birth

Songwriting & birth: Two action that take great suffering with even greater reward. You can not have heaven with out death, sleep with out waking & you can not create with out suffering.

I was pondering that thought today as I was writing a new song for my family. The song was not specifically written for my daughter or my wife but music for both of them to enjoy. "Adult lullaby" is the song that I currently wrote today. I did not write the song out of suffering but out of the quite of the morning while starting at my daughter sleeping. Moments in life that I enjoy the most are the moments where you are presently aware that you are only a vessel which divine creativity flows through.


Starting new

The process of starting new: A new baby (Ella Marie - see side link for pix's) new music project new direction in life (Photography). In this time of birth I am also surrounded with re-birth. I have begun writing & recording music for my next instrumental project. The project is a re-birth in writing music with/for a purpose. The focus of the music will be on healing, calming, breath & prayer. I want to record music to live by: Today to many people listen to music to distract them from the silence of life. This music will be the astrosphere & moments of life that you which to enjoy. There will be no vocal or limited vocal on the album: Hopefully I will be able to persuade Sarah Wilkins to place some vocals on the mixs.

The reason for limited vocal is do to the fact that I am not trying to teach, persuade or even entertain the listener. I am giving them time to create a path if life that works for them: Also & hopefully opening the doors to silence. For in the silence re-birth begins.