Photo of the Week ~ Morning Light

Camera: Nikon D700
Exposure:sec (1/500)
Aperture: f/5.3
Focal Length: 7 mm
ISO Speed: 2500
Exposure Bias: 0 EV
Flash: No Flash



Just a little shout out for getting our photos in Whirl’s Wedding magazine out now. Our couple made it on the “Style” intro page. (Check it out now!)


Because It (Still) Cold Outside

What do you think about the focus??? Does it work or does it only look out of focus?


When Inspiration Hides

At this past weekend’s workshop the question was asked, “what would you do?” My answer: create an image that cannot be observed by the human eye in life. To capture time without the aid of the human eye adjusting to the light, that’s a photograph.

I like my response. It was fluid and without thought. Many times I am ask what is my style or method for creating an image. My answers are always forced and over-thought. For this answer to come with no effort seemed as if it was a gift given to me by the gods.

I once heard a story that the word “creativity” originated from the god of Genius, who would visit an artist during periods of their work. A guardian angel for the artist. I like this idea; that creativity is something that passes through a person instead of driving out of a person.

On a side note I started thinking about adding a lighting workshop to my upcoming dates. Sort of odd thing for me due to the fact that I have worked so hard to understand natural light (drink the light). Teaching that the sun rises and sets does not seem like much of a workshop, although the subject of light is limitless.

Enlightened society ~ do no harm… I cannot get this phrase out of my head. Will write more on this tomorrow….hopefully.


E-Book Is Released

~ Includes exercises on how to artistically present yourself via your blog.
~ Shows you how to use your blog as your Social Business HUB.
~ How to market and build your portfolio at the same time.
~ How to use your blog to grow and sustain your business.




The weather has been cold and rainy as of late here in Pittsburgh. Climatic-odd-weather is nothing new to the residents of Pittsburgh. In some ways weather is an aid to creativity. Constantly changing skyline (love those shades of gray) gives you something new to absorb, daily.

Drink the light!!!

Things that I have been enjoying:

~ Listening to Bob Dylan. It seems once a decade I need to rediscover why Dylan is “the” influence on music.
~ “E’s” homemade bread ~ aroma
~ “E’s” chicken soup ~ aroma, aroma, aroma
~ Artwork by “little E”
~ The writing of Pema Chodron (I have no idea how to pronounce her name). It's always a good sign when I need to have my journal and pen in hand when reading.

Looking forward to seeing everybody at the photo workshop on Saturday. A bunch of new dates for March will be announced next week.



Current Reading: When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron
Current Listening: Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan
Mood: Super butterfly good (new action hero created by my daughter)
Sounds: Dishwasher
Smells: Coffee
Temperature: 28 degrees high of 40
Thoughts: Enlightened society ~ do no harm


Photo Questions

Is our reliance on technology killing our ability to problem solve in the photo industry?

When is stock photography authentic?

What do you consider sustainable photo work to be?


Help for Haiti

Photography Workshop with David Burke & me.

(Picture courtesy of CNN)

David & I have decided to donate 100% of the last 3 seats available to our workshop to Help the people of Haiti. It is times like these when we realize how truly blessed we are. My heart goes out to all of the people affected by this recent tragedy. It is impossible for me to sit there and just feel bad without doing anything. Every little bit will help and the full $175 registration fee for the last 3 available seats will go to Haiti.

If you are on the fence about coming to learn and make connections, now is your chance to benefit others with your decision. We would love to have you and would be honored to team up with you on the efforts to help the country of Haiti.

Here is the link to the workshop information. How To Everything Photography .

Thank you!


Pop Music, Jazz Music & Photography

Snow in, order sushi open a bottle of Chilean wine, had great conversation with ”E” during dinner the other night.

Discussing what photographers can learn from bad pop music, great jazz musicians and how that can influence your photography.

Bad pop music is when you use all that technology has to offer. You surround the music with typical structure, format and repetition.

Bad pop music is when there is no separation or original sound of your own produced. Yes you can play your instrument and yes you can sing. However there is no creativity or innovation to what you bring to your craft.

Think about all that music you used to love years ago and now when you hear it you are embarrassed that you ever liked it.

Bad pop music; it lacks authentic engagement.

A jazz musician is somebody who knows and works the fundamentals of their instrument. Nevertheless who has their eye on culture, youth and perspective to see where sound is moving.

A jazz musician is pushing the boundaries to see where music can go. More often than not when you purchase a jazz album you may not like it or even get it at first, but with time the music becomes magical to your ears.

What can photographers learn from that??

Create something new today….


Pittsburgh Weddings Magezine

One of our weddings has been featured in the current issue of Pittsburgh Wedding magazine.


Perfect Divinity

This little life is proof of prayer, purpose & effort… God Bless and welcome to the light.



Current Reading: Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now
Current Music: Being Normal by Bill Deasy
Mood: Great-tastic
Sounds: 4yr old daughter calling for help…again.
Smell: Home made pizza dough baking
Temperature: Something like 12 straight days of snow...its cold
Thoughts: Are you a bad pop musician or a good jazz musician??


Photo of the Week

Camera: Nikon D700
Exposure: 0.002 sec (1/640)
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 120 mm
ISO Speed: 3200
Exposure Bias: 0 EV
Flash: No Flash

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers


Thursday ~ Update

Quite days currently, January is month of moderate shooting.

February will be a month of travel dedicated to stock photography in Florida. Never before have I committed this amount of time to one project with no other obligation.

Started reading a Paul McCartney biography; so far I am enjoying it very much. Spent the afternoon drinking ginger tea cozied up with a blanket reading. I spent last January reading a John Lennon biography, funny how repetative our inner habits can be.

Building a complete body of work, this is what an artist strives to do. Compositional progression has always been the most fascinating aspect of creating a body of work.

This is why I blog. To create something new daily, be it a short written post or a new photograph or just to outline what my future work will hold. Creating something new makes me feel honest as an artist.


In-Home Coffeehouse Workspace

We all love the feel of a coffeehouse; cool music, good art, inspirational surroundings, comfy furniture, aromas & tastes of coffee…somebody said creativity was born after the first perk.

So (insert dramatic music here) we (E & I) invented a new home-work-live-space. Introducing the “In-Home Coffeehouse Workspace”. Soon to be seen on TV decor shows (Planet Green network please come to our home).

This would be a good place to inset some photos but currently I am waiting for the furniture to be delivered, hence giving me time to write this daydream of a post. Photo will come soon, probably.

The epiphany was: why work in one room and live in another? E & I are all about using every inch of space we have, using it comfortably and setting it up to specifically fit our lifestyle (which is usually one or both of us reclining with feet propped up on some piece of furniture while manifesting our brilliance…modestly of course).

So now instead of using a quarter of this room, we use all of it. Priceless…well, not really thanks to E’s manifestation of this room’s brilliance. So we’ll just say…Happy.


Motivation 3.0

Motivation just had an upgrade to version 3.0. Who knew words could be upgraded? Dan Pink has written a book on the subject and Jonathan Fields has posted an informative interview with Pink (See Here).

Effort and purpose seems to be a major working theme to 3.0 version of motivation. Motivation 1.0 is about staying alive. Still a very good motivator, version 2.0 is about salary and 3.0 is about mastery, purpose, engagement and self-sufficiency.

Motivation 3.0 is about “How to be a Working Artist”, a subject near and dear to my heart.

Chase Jarvis has written a blog post on the topic:

Create > Share > Sustain> this is a post on how to be a working artist.

For myself I have been using the phrases:

~ Create something new, daily

~ Embrace a culture of sharing, daily

~ Repeat, daily.

For a sneak peek at my upcoming e-book (which is based on motivation 3.0 thinking), check out a past 5 part series of mine titled:

How I got my PHD in the “How-To-Businesses” of Photography

(Click HERE)


The year in preview ~2010

We have been slowly dipping our toes into using a studio space over the past year. In 2010 we will be making a larger commitment to this studio space. It’s an odd thing to make this announcement because we are not opening a studio, but utilizing a space that will have many uses beyond a shooting and office space. Are we working nine to five? No. Is this a retail studio? No.

I have been using the phrase “open-hand-philosophy” to describe how I live and work. “Collaborate rather than compete” is a good explanation of how I wish to think of my work for 2010. 2009 has been the year of community building, networking and overall making new friends who push me creatively, professionally and personally. Thank you all for that!

What is this space? A second-floor walkup with good light, high ceilings and hardwood floors. It is an experiment to be explored throughout the coming months. The list below is what I hope to achieve with this space. Will it all work? Not sure. But I want share the journey with you.

Wedding (portraiture, consultations, First reveals)
Portraits ~ seniors, family
Intimates photography
Yoga classes
Workshops – How to everything: Photography (CLICK HERE)
Marketing classes (CLICK HERE)
Photo Walks
Shoot N’ Learn, Connect & Grow meet-ups
Art space (book readings, acoustic music, etc…)



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Thoughts: All to be compassionate citizens, to live in harmony with whatever