Exterior and Interior of Composition

Can we see creatively with only one single point of interest? Through a child eyes: balancing the point between imagination and reality. Bring together perspective and confusion while maintaining a single focus on a subject. Listed below is a short check list of things to think about for composing a photograph of a single subject.

-Line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color
-Simplicity and tension with a single point of view
-Horizontal framing suggest calm
-Vertical framing suggest pride
-Diagonal framing suggest action
-Light, brightness, color, direction

Listed above is only the exterior of the subject. How can we dive into the interior of a subject? (Art, beauty, self, body, sensation, emotion and your vision logic): The interior of the subject is where you have to close out the judgmental voice of society: To let the voice of society and the judgment that you place upon yourself be lifted. (Even if it’s only for a short while) To leave behind all that you have study and observer. See life/this moment through fresh eyes for the first time. Quiet the mind and be mindful of the moment/subject and your world will open up.