Reflections on Compositions

I wanted to share with you part of a dialog that I am having on my ZAADZ POD (if you never hear of Zaddz, check it out) When Paul compares photography to a “craft of waiting” I could not agree more with him: Photography and composition is wrapped up in our five senses.

(Via Paul) “Photography for me has always been a little bit of an odd art form. Composition in music is rather akin to using a paint brush and painting from your head. You know what you want to make, and you actively craft it. The inspiration comes, but rarely does an entire work appear in my mind for me to then jot down. Photography, on the other hand, has always been something where I let the art come to me. My photography has been a craft of waiting. I let the art appear before me, and at the correct moment, I snap my shot”.