Meditation and Blogging

I had a couple different discussions with a few special friends; one is a hypnotherapist one is a photographer and one is a writer/novelist. All separate but collective conversations were base on integral business and what work best for me.

Meditation and blogging are hands down the two best single practice’s that I have maintained that have improved the over all of my professional and personal life. The ever expanding undefinable practice of meditation for me is learning to use a muscle that I never knew I had. Ok, it’s not the clearest sentence or example of what meditation is; but it works. Meditation centers your mind and body bring you a clearer mind set. AHHH bloging, the random documentation and uploading of my thoughts: in my practice it is a daily transdisciplinary working portfolios. It is a way that my clients and perspective clients can learn about me. See Art, Morals & Truth posting for more on why blogging works for me. In closing the interior and exterior of my body, mind and soul are developed in a daily practice of meditation and blogging.