The weather has been cold and rainy as of late here in Pittsburgh. Climatic-odd-weather is nothing new to the residents of Pittsburgh. In some ways weather is an aid to creativity. Constantly changing skyline (love those shades of gray) gives you something new to absorb, daily.

Drink the light!!!

Things that I have been enjoying:

~ Listening to Bob Dylan. It seems once a decade I need to rediscover why Dylan is “the” influence on music.
~ “E’s” homemade bread ~ aroma
~ “E’s” chicken soup ~ aroma, aroma, aroma
~ Artwork by “little E”
~ The writing of Pema Chodron (I have no idea how to pronounce her name). It's always a good sign when I need to have my journal and pen in hand when reading.

Looking forward to seeing everybody at the photo workshop on Saturday. A bunch of new dates for March will be announced next week.