Photographer’s Blog Class ~ All January 2010

You will learn:
Are you struggling with:
~ Finding business
~ Finding time to market/brand/ advertise

~ Finding time to shoot

Due to scheduling conflicts & previous one-on-one sessions I have decided to cancel the Purposeful Blogging Workshop and instead will be doing small group classes (4 people or less) or one-on-one sessions.

Prices will stay the same $55.00 for the class (be it small group or one-on-one) you choose.

Why the change? Privacy ~ Over the past year of doing the one-on-one session it has been beneficial to the photographer to be able to ask business questions that publicly they would not be comfortable sharing.

Location: 502 W. North Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Cost: $55. 00
Length of class: 3 hours, give or take
Contact: Elizabeth Craig at 724.355.9079 or by email at craigphotography@mac.com