When Inspiration Hides

At this past weekend’s workshop the question was asked, “what would you do?” My answer: create an image that cannot be observed by the human eye in life. To capture time without the aid of the human eye adjusting to the light, that’s a photograph.

I like my response. It was fluid and without thought. Many times I am ask what is my style or method for creating an image. My answers are always forced and over-thought. For this answer to come with no effort seemed as if it was a gift given to me by the gods.

I once heard a story that the word “creativity” originated from the god of Genius, who would visit an artist during periods of their work. A guardian angel for the artist. I like this idea; that creativity is something that passes through a person instead of driving out of a person.

On a side note I started thinking about adding a lighting workshop to my upcoming dates. Sort of odd thing for me due to the fact that I have worked so hard to understand natural light (drink the light). Teaching that the sun rises and sets does not seem like much of a workshop, although the subject of light is limitless.

Enlightened society ~ do no harm… I cannot get this phrase out of my head. Will write more on this tomorrow….hopefully.