Motivation 3.0

Motivation just had an upgrade to version 3.0. Who knew words could be upgraded? Dan Pink has written a book on the subject and Jonathan Fields has posted an informative interview with Pink (See Here).

Effort and purpose seems to be a major working theme to 3.0 version of motivation. Motivation 1.0 is about staying alive. Still a very good motivator, version 2.0 is about salary and 3.0 is about mastery, purpose, engagement and self-sufficiency.

Motivation 3.0 is about “How to be a Working Artist”, a subject near and dear to my heart.

Chase Jarvis has written a blog post on the topic:

Create > Share > Sustain> this is a post on how to be a working artist.

For myself I have been using the phrases:

~ Create something new, daily

~ Embrace a culture of sharing, daily

~ Repeat, daily.

For a sneak peek at my upcoming e-book (which is based on motivation 3.0 thinking), check out a past 5 part series of mine titled:

How I got my PHD in the “How-To-Businesses” of Photography

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