Pop Music, Jazz Music & Photography

Snow in, order sushi open a bottle of Chilean wine, had great conversation with ”E” during dinner the other night.

Discussing what photographers can learn from bad pop music, great jazz musicians and how that can influence your photography.

Bad pop music is when you use all that technology has to offer. You surround the music with typical structure, format and repetition.

Bad pop music is when there is no separation or original sound of your own produced. Yes you can play your instrument and yes you can sing. However there is no creativity or innovation to what you bring to your craft.

Think about all that music you used to love years ago and now when you hear it you are embarrassed that you ever liked it.

Bad pop music; it lacks authentic engagement.

A jazz musician is somebody who knows and works the fundamentals of their instrument. Nevertheless who has their eye on culture, youth and perspective to see where sound is moving.

A jazz musician is pushing the boundaries to see where music can go. More often than not when you purchase a jazz album you may not like it or even get it at first, but with time the music becomes magical to your ears.

What can photographers learn from that??

Create something new today….