How I got my PhD in the “How-To-Business” of Photography

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Love and a mortgage is a good motivator to get your act together. Love and a mortgage and a soon to be wife who also has a budding career in photography is a great foundation to build your life upon.

Insanely useful photography tip #7: Passion, effort and love for what you do will take you far.

As I write this it has been 5 years that Elizabeth, my wife, and I have been in business running our own successful photography company. People always ask us the “how” of HOW TO EVERYTHING: Photography. What’s to follow is the last two decades of life experiences that Elizabeth and I have had. We built our business on a culture of sharing, good composition and great service.

Insanely useful photography tip #8: Prove that you are committed, you can’t fake this don’t even try.

Insanely useful photography tip #9: Be you. That’s it, be transparent.

Insanely useful photography tip #10: You can’t win by mimicking someone else.

My PhD in the “how-to-business” of photography is an alternative thinking program. I make the assumptions that you have passion and effort and that you have a respect for learning how to use your tools correctly. There are many different reason why some make it on their own and some do not. Most do not – not because of a lack of effort or purpose but because of a lack of personal guidance from a genuine mentor and someone to talk openly with.

Am I a small-biz coach, strategist or innovator? Nope. I am a working artist who understands how and where art meets commerce.

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