The year in preview ~2010

We have been slowly dipping our toes into using a studio space over the past year. In 2010 we will be making a larger commitment to this studio space. It’s an odd thing to make this announcement because we are not opening a studio, but utilizing a space that will have many uses beyond a shooting and office space. Are we working nine to five? No. Is this a retail studio? No.

I have been using the phrase “open-hand-philosophy” to describe how I live and work. “Collaborate rather than compete” is a good explanation of how I wish to think of my work for 2010. 2009 has been the year of community building, networking and overall making new friends who push me creatively, professionally and personally. Thank you all for that!

What is this space? A second-floor walkup with good light, high ceilings and hardwood floors. It is an experiment to be explored throughout the coming months. The list below is what I hope to achieve with this space. Will it all work? Not sure. But I want share the journey with you.

Wedding (portraiture, consultations, First reveals)
Portraits ~ seniors, family
Intimates photography
Yoga classes
Workshops – How to everything: Photography (CLICK HERE)
Marketing classes (CLICK HERE)
Photo Walks
Shoot N’ Learn, Connect & Grow meet-ups
Art space (book readings, acoustic music, etc…)