Starting new

The process of starting new: A new baby (Ella Marie - see side link for pix's) new music project new direction in life (Photography). In this time of birth I am also surrounded with re-birth. I have begun writing & recording music for my next instrumental project. The project is a re-birth in writing music with/for a purpose. The focus of the music will be on healing, calming, breath & prayer. I want to record music to live by: Today to many people listen to music to distract them from the silence of life. This music will be the astrosphere & moments of life that you which to enjoy. There will be no vocal or limited vocal on the album: Hopefully I will be able to persuade Sarah Wilkins to place some vocals on the mixs.

The reason for limited vocal is do to the fact that I am not trying to teach, persuade or even entertain the listener. I am giving them time to create a path if life that works for them: Also & hopefully opening the doors to silence. For in the silence re-birth begins.