In photography & music people always ask me about my technique: How did I do that & what equipment did I use? The answer is always the same: I use the interior & exterior of self. What?

Owning a camera or an instrument will not make you a better artist or person. Buying book after book on technique will not help you conceive a photograph or a piece of music. Having the discipline to practice the techniques in the books will eventually lead to you being a more complete & well rounded artist. (Witch I recommend you do)

Composition is a balance of the interior & exterior of self: A composition is only created from yourself there is no product that you can buy that will help you conceive a composition. You must live and become the instrument & let the creation flow through you. A composition must be conceived in the mind first (interior) or third ear/eye. Second you must be able to express it through your body (exterior).

My secrets to composition are The Seven Da Vincian Principles , yoga, meditation, prayer, diet; a belief that love has no opposite. A practice of deep non-violence, forgiveness & that we all must share in suffering and service to one another. Lastly, the practice of mindfulness when you have your camera or instrument in your hand mindfulness will lead you to seeing & hearing a world you never conceived of before.

For a deeper understating of Art Philosophy see the works of Matthew Dallman.