Perfection in the process; has become a main stay saying in my life. It is the way I choose to see the world. I try not to see the world in acts of judgments or labels (good or evil) but in moment of unfolding perfection. Truthfully this is hard to apply on a daily level. CNN, ABC, Fox news, any media outlet shows what evil is & how it spreads. There are act of evil. Nazi, rape, murder, seven deadly sins & they all hurt. In a world's view you can see how the greater good comes out of acts of evil. Charities, volunteers, prayers, donations, hand holding; people care and want to console those who are in need. Where are we before the the moment of that un-ethical act?

Perfection in the process as it it applied to suffering and evolution. We are impermanent by design; there will be a birth & death for all. There will never be a time of un-evolution we can not stop or go back. Where there is love there will be suffering ; suffering & love need to co-exist for us to feel. Suffering creates service with service creates love. Partents service there children, sposes serve each other, this is the grace of life that coneccts all of us.

Do we, can we choose to see perfection in the process? Will we, can we learn from past suffering and evolution? Where are we before the the moment of that un-ethical act?