Got Adventure?

Look at this picture, really look at it. I love it. This photo speaks to me, it's screaming "I am off on an adventure!" How often do we get to have these feeling as adults?

I am a promoter of the idea that failure is a good thing. Be not afraid. My advice to all has been fail, fail often, enjoy the failure, and fail forward. Failure is #4 on my 10 Commandments of Creativity. It is that important to me. Place purpose, effort and understanding into the idea of failing forward, because all that is left is experience.

Ask yourself what happens before we fail.

We have a grand adventure. We go off into the unknown as willful explorers looking for something new. I ask you how much of that feeling of adventure is left in us?

As children we lived adventure, daily. Fearlessly trying things anew, scraping our knees on sidewalks, playing in cardboard box forts, lemonade stands curbside, we played superheroes trying to fly, we walked off into the woods to be Robin Hood. We did everything in search of adventure without a thought of failure.

Adventure was a daily part of our childhood. How much adventure is in your life today?

Got Adventure?