10 Commandments of Creativity

Forgive me Moses....This is my top 10 list for unleashing creativity. These 10 commandments will be my speaking points for my talk on "Faith & Creativity” later this summer. Also during part two of my workshop, which focuses on composition, I will be discussing these points at the end of the class to sum up the whole of creating a photograph.

1. Do not give up on being human.

2. Do not let the machine think for you.

3. Do not concern yourself with results, concern yourself with the process.

4. It’s ok to fail...fail often, fail forward, enjoy the failure.

5. Living your purpose is living your calling.

6. Do as little harm as possible. Be aware of the harm that you do.

7. True-Metaphor; arts only purpose is to serve.

8. Create something new daily, anything...

9. Share it!

There is no #10...it's up to you. Go.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be writing blog posts on each commandment to fill in the details. Stay with me on the journey...it should be interesting.