What Could You Do With 10 Extra Seconds ?

Every morning I receive an email asking me to answer a question. After reading the question I drink two cups of coffee, drop my daughter off at school and go on a walk to think about the question. Some of the answers have been re-formulated into blog posts, some of the answers stay in my head and some get jotted down in my journal.

The questions are phrased as “what if” questions. Asking to reflect and go deep inside your head. These are questions for those of us who are constantly searching to answer the existential question of “why”.

These questions asked help us to ponder, dream, re-work the “whatever” of our lives. By answering these questions I start to think about the next heartbeat, the next breath and reflecting on that. I am discovering that this may be more crucial than rehashing our past.

What if I put in 10 extra seconds of effort? What would that moment be like?

I could do two more pull ups

I could do five more push-ups

Be attentive

Write the perfect sentence

Compose the perfect photograph

Have a new idea

Savor my food

Offer a prayer

Ask for forgiveness

Offer forgiveness

I could chose mindfulness

Notice something

I could talk myself out of a negative thought

Have the discussion that I have been putting off

I can say “I love you”

What would you do with an extra 10 seconds?