Short Film Project

Staring my first short film project later this month.  I will be sharing the building block of this project with you.  Below is step 1 in creating a film.

Treatment:  see Wikipedia film treatment for complete definition (here)

Title: Pittsburgh Urban Landscape

Log-line: This documentary will look at the relationship between urban life in Pittsburgh and the aesthetic backdrop of nature that the city is built upon.

Synopsis:  This documentary will explore the colors and life that goes into a full 24 hours of experiencing Pittsburgh.

The film starts out with a time-lapse of the sun rising over the skyline of the city.

In between you will be guided through a day that consists of traffic, traveling through tunnels, life on the sidewalks, a walk through Point Park, lunch in Market Square, shopping in the historic Strip District and riverfront views of Heinz Field and PNC park.

The journey continues with 5pm rush hour: people making their way out of office buildings and filing onto the T for the evening commute.  Others will be making their way into their favorite bar for happy hour and enjoying drinks with friends; maybe even someone trying their best to flirt with a stranger.

Watch as the the sun sets from a skyline viewing point (time-lapse).

It’s hockey night in Pittsburgh. Watch as the Consol Energy Center fills with fans.  See the excitement of what it means to be up close to a Pittsburgh Penguin fan.

The film ends with empty dark streets.  The camera pans from the roadways to the tops of buildings. A hint of the twilight dawn brings the 24hrs to a conclusion. The end.

Camera, Nikon D800