Love, Forgive & Create

We can do three things in the image of God: we can love, forgive and create.

Not sure why this has meaning to me, it just does.  I think about it in terms of know-living-truth; no need for deeper understanding.  My life is filled with this magical three, daily. All three of these words take a lifetime to understand and a grain of sand to place your knowledge upon.

It also seems to be the three things in life that people struggle with the most. Wonder why?

Create something new, daily and share it.  I have spoken those words more than anything else on this blog. It is the secret to everlasting life. The body will perish but the art will live on. Providence and legacy all come from creating something new and sharing it. The "new" could be a child, a song, a garden, a recipe, a painting, a photo or whatever. The “it” and the “thing” will hopefully be the passion that will out live you.

Love, Forgive and Create….
This is the secret to happiness