20 Photos, 2 Hours to Live or Die

Let me be the first to welcome you to the things that I do when you're not looking.

Tonight will be my first photo exhibit.  Six years of work that will be displayed for two hours.  To me, I feel imaginative and resourceful about this approach to showing my work. I take a blue color approach to being a working artist.  The idea of standing on my stage appeals to me.

In many way this is where the business of art is moving: artist to viewer.  No need for a curator, gallery or even reviews (but those I do welcome). Display the photos, place it all on the line and see if I can win over the crowd.  This works for me.

What attracts me to this concept in the first place is an old-fashioned “social” idea.

Not so long ago the word "social" actually meant going out into the world and experiencing life. Today's mutilated version of the word “social” is limited to loneliness, an internet connection and a mouse.  There will be no "Like" button at my show, I will not ask you for a Tweet, we will not connect on LinkedIn afterwards, there will be nothing to Pin...but I do hope we have interesting conversation.

Photos need to been seen and to be experienced.  For too long my canvas has existed solely on the computer screen.  Art, music and photography is our culture.

To have a culture it needs to be social.  To be social you need to be with other breathing-interacting-human beings meeting in a collective community space.  Bonus point here for the breathing humans who attend my show: there will be alcohol and food. Interacting humans love wine and cheese.

Two hours and that's it to discover if my work lives or die. It's emotional for me; I feel more like a working artist walking out onto a stage to perform music that has never been heard before rather than a photographer having his first exhibit, watching and waiting for the room fill up with people.

Exhibit, display, opening...all seem like the wrong words to describe this new venture.  New words need to be used. Maybe it should be called "The Business of Being Creative”. Or “Liberated Profiteering”.  I know... “Gig”... yep that works for me. I am having a gig tonight.  That feels true to my roots. If you want to wear a tie to my gig better just stay home, this gig is not for you.

After this first gig comes to a close I will pick up the remaining pieces and hit the road for my first ever photo tour...per se. Coffee house, punk rock clubs, libraries and wherever else that photos may be hung; that's where I’ll take my troubadour roadshow of PGH@Night photos.

Join us for a memorable opening:
Date: 11/30/12
Time: 7:30
Place: 502 West North Ave 
           PGH, PA 15212

Already planning the next photo-gig to be titled “Emptiness and Form” (when abstract photography attacks and nobody gets hurt. Deep non-violence with all the non-stop action).