The Other 20,000 Photos Sucked

Friday night was one of the best nights of my artistic career.  Words of thanks fall short on how to express my gratitude for all who came out, and lots of you came out.

Special thanks goes out to Neil Greibling, owner of Encores for all the effort in promoting this show.  The turnout far exceeded my dreams.  To Soncerae for the kindness and support you gave to me. Run with your dreams girl. Thank you to Mocha Rose for the flowerers. Your design really classed up the joint.

To the love of my life: I will alway be your sherpa. I would never want to climb the mountain with anybody else. You are all the light that I will ever need.

As I sit down to write this I reflect upon what was learned. It brings me to the "my life-philosophy" of “Create, Connect & Grow”.  Those three words are the how and why of the way in which I choose to lead my life.  Never did the experience of three words ring more true than it did on Friday night. I was honored to have the opportunity to share these photos with you.

Throughout the night I received many compliments of “how talented” I am. Let me share with you that I have only one thing that I am talented at: failing.  I am great at failing. If one gift has been bestowed upon me it is the gift of failing forward and learning something new.

This show could have easily been called “The other 20,000 Photos Sucked”.  I laugh out loud as I type these words for how true they are.  This is the grand lesson of life: create something new.  That is the mystery of life that so many of us search for. No, it does not bring you peace, money, fame or power. What it does is fill your life with purpose and love and that is good enough for me.

Be a great failure and share it.

Peace ~ John