Political Rant...(I just had to)

Fear or hope: a story of Obama living the American dream and a story of McCain living an American nightmare. This is where we are at as a country. We need to choose.

For the last two weeks at 10 pm EST I turn on the TV and watch. The Olympics of speechwriters, this is how I see the conventions. The artist in me gets pumped up for all the writers out there being inspired to spin a new phrase. Politicians, preachers, prophets, pundits, pirates all make their way to the podium to spew their rhetoric to the masses. I love it, the super bowl with spellchecker, grammar pro and limited commercials.

I have to vote democratic, it’s mandatory if I wish to keep my acoustics guitars. I do. It’s true when you purchase an acoustic guitar they actually make you sign a form stating you will be a life-long democrat and mock all republicans with songs entitled “three chords and the truth”. On the flip side I am told when you purchase a gun you have to also sign a life-long republican voter form stating you will oppose all big government interference as long as the big government still enforces pro-gun, anti-choice, and anti-global thinking.

The debates next month should be pay-per-view events: In this corner HOPE weighing in at 175 lbs with 10 knock-outs and two best sellers to his name. In the other corner FEAR weighing in at 155 lbs being knocked down 15 times but getting up from all of them with the patented thumbs up to the crowd.

Enjoy the show…