The Maverick (Guest Posting from My Wife)

So my husband has asked me to “guest write” a blog entry today regarding my views on Sarah Palin. Where to begin…where to begin. There is so much to say I fear we could be hear all day, dear readers. Therefore, I will keep my lengthy list of issues regarding her life and views to just three for your benefit. However, I will include a small list of things I would love for you to keep in mind if you’re still on the fence about her.

(1) She has very little experience. I won’t say much here as every writer on the globe has said it so much better than me and has said it so many times, really…need I say more? But I will say this: THE FRIGGIN’ PTA DOES NOT COUNT AS EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE WHEN RUNNING FOR THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITIED STATES. If I have to hear this one more time from some white-haired, suited up, old man with a red tie on I’m going to scream.

(2) Right from my feminist mouth: Palin needs to be home tending to her children. Yep, I said it. Now let me explain. Man or woman, mom or dad, the title makes no difference. As a PARENT it is very disappointing to me that it is more obvious to me that her family needs her right now more than it is obvious to her. She has a 17-year old pregnant daughter with photos strewn all over the internet posing with various forms of alcoholic beverages with captions like, “not only is she a whore, but an alkie too!” That’s enough right there, wouldn’t you agree? Her daughter is going thru a pretty rough time right now. She’s dealing with pregnancy, an impending marriage, and dropping out of high school. Any one of those things is enough to send me screaming for my mommy and she has to deal with them all at once AND in the media spotlight. While her daughter will be learning how to be a teen mom for the first, and hopefully the last, time her own mother could possibly be practically a nation away from her. But, you know, what the heck…she’s a “feminist” you know. She’s “furthering women-kind”. She’s “making history”. All I have to say is, you have just witnessed a feminist doing one of the most anti-feminist acts: walking away from her own child during a time of need. How sad.

(3) How am I supposed to believe that Palin is smart enough to help run this country but not smart enough to know that she was throwing her daughter to the wolves by accepting this nomination? This kid has been called every name in the book on every gossip site imaginable. Yep, that’s exactly who I want helping to run this country: a woman who sold out her pregnant daughter. We live in a country that does not value motherhood and most decisions on what to do about an unplanned pregnancy are based on fear (just take a look at those abortion statistics—do you really think they’re so high because young women just couldn’t be bothered??). So not only does her daughter have to deal with the “shame” of her situation, but she gets to do it in front of the whole world.

Now, in light of the fact that my rant against Sarah Palin has little to do with actual politics, I have included a short list of facts below that highlight her current and past involvements and decisions.

• YES, she did vote YES for the “bridge to nowhere”.
• The Right finds that Obama not wearing a flag pin is more of an issue than Palin’s association with the far right Alaskan Independence Party, which has been known to support succession from the US.
• Palin, like her running mate, does not support funding for teen pregnancy programs.
• She has vehemently refused to support sex education in schools, other than abstinence. Do I really need to discuss how ironic these last 2 statements are??
• Palin does not support pro-choice abortion rights. So, while applauding her daughter for CHOOSING (interesting selection for a word, don’t you think?) to have her baby, she has made it a point to try and take away choice from other women.
• She claims to want to put the smackdown on earmark spending, yet applied for over $200 million in earmark requests this year before being asked to accept the VP nomination. She also applied for and received thousands and millions in earmarks over the years during her stint as mayor of Wasilla. And a few of these earmarks were actually criticized at the time by McCain himself.
• She is in the middle of an investigation that is accusing her of abusing her powers surrounding the termination of her public safety commissioner. Apparently an attempt to get back at her ex-brother-in-law for violent (and unforgivable, if true) acts against her sister and her nephew, she pressured the public safety commissioner to fire her ex-brother-in-law. When he refused, she fired him.
• She tried to have books banned in the local library in Wasilla, Alaska during her time as mayor because “some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them”.
• She opposes same-sex marriage.
• She opposes embryonic stem-cell research.
• She opposes the decriminalization of marijuana for people with painful illnesses.

If this isn’t enough to make a firm decision on Sarah Palin, have no worries. She’ll sink herself soon enough. After all, she’s a “maverick” don’t cha know?? She needs no help from me.