Peak Conditioning Project – week 3

Day 17 of my 90 days of peak conditioning project. This is what I learned.

Starting Weight 171 lbs.
Current Weight 169 lbs.

First, my ability to spell and write legibly is completely gone. The few pounds that I have lost must have been in the part of my brain that holds the key to penmanship and spelling. Second, I lost many, many, many waking hours of my life. I just can’t seem to get enough sleep. Third, creativity is gone. Other PCPs write about clarity, inspiration and vision. Not me. Focus is only happening in my life with the aide of auto-focus on the camera.

The good things that I have learned is that: yoga and resistance bands are a good combination-workout for me. I could be a vegetarian with no problem at all, as long as I don’t go to my parent’s home and pepperoni stays a mystery as to how it is made (at least to me). Finally, if there was more time in the day, or actually less stuff for me to do in a day, I could/would be at my peak condition for sitting on a sofa with a remote control in one hand and a slice of pepperoni pizza in the other hand.

(*Update on how I am doing*)
90 days of peak conditioning workout is:
Strength: Resistance bands, push-ups and jumping rope (cardio)

* Hate jumping rope, I am ok at it and it does get my heart rate up, quickly, nonetheless I am not a jumper. Resistance bands, push-ups are going well.*

Fitness: Hatha yoga * good*

Meditation: 20 minutes of zazen *good*

Diet: Correct portions, conscious preparation, eating quality whole foods and journaling what I eat and how I feel.

*fairly to very good – Monday through Friday I am doing excellent, weekends I am just doing ok. On weekends I eat whatever is put in front of me and only eat about half of my normal portions.*