Willful Ignorance & Curiosity

Do we have a willful, ignorant nature? In the last two episodes of 60 Minutes I have been horrified and depressed about the future of humanity. I even wrote a post about God only being a Creator and then letting evolution figure it out.

This is not me, not how I wish to think…

Has our willful and ignorant nature killed our curiosity? Has our retail product-driven society killed our thought process? Has the neglect of the how/why things are produced killed our creativity?

See these links and let me know.
Our food, Our environment, Our humanity,

Often I have conversations about the state of America. Repeatedly, people agree with the problems facing our country. All the same they feel the issues are too overwhelming for the average citizen to make a difference. That is where I take the utmost offense. There is no longer any confidence in the endeavor to transfigure this country.

Reprieve is found in curiosity.