Update 01/22/08

Watched “Conversations with God”, the movie, this weekend. To a great extent it was better than I expected. Serendipitously, Ken Wilber has an interview with Neale Donald Walsch this week on Integral Naked. I also watched Million Dollar Baby, the Clint Eastwood movie. Very good, it will not make you feel like dancing but it will make you feel.

On a very sad note this weekend we found out that a neighborhood friend has passed away. I was not particularly close with this woman but what I knew about her was her kind spirit. She was my parent’s neighbor and friend. In truth I do not even know her name but what I do know about her is that she would make my daughter smile, she would keep my grandmother company, and she would share her cooking with my family. She was a true kind spirit and I am thankful for her time in my family’s life. With a prayer in my heart I know that heaven is a little warmer today with her presence in it.