Benevolence, Balance & Evil

Is God only a creator? Did God create us/universe and then got out of the existence game? Letting evolution take over where creation stopped?

Debates between evolutionists and creationists bore me. Evolution and creation appear to need each other more like family members than opposing teams. I try to see life from the balance of a world-view perspective. When nature destroys life it also creates new life. At times of destruction we only see death, but re-birth happens from the ashes.

There is real evil in the world and I cannot fathom the existence of it. Evil has been such a subjective reality to me, similar to something in the movies rather than in real life. After viewing the 60 Minutes episode; "War against women - the use of rape as a weapon in Congo's civil war" something broke inside of me. There is real evil. That may make me sound naïve about life, nevertheless I have previously perceived evil as acts of benevolence and balance.

If the oldest nation on the planet can't get it right what does that say for our future? Is evil a form of evolution or creation?