New Gear

Pick up some new photo gear: One of the most significant things to gain knowledge of in a photo-digital environment is to back-up your back-up equipment.

A new flash has entered into the back-up artillery, Nikon Speedlight SB-800. Flashes are not a photographer's friend; necessary evil is a good way to think about them. If you are going to surround yourself with evil make sure that it is indispensable evil. The Nikon flash is a grand tool for the right job.

Secondly, I added a Nikon-Fisheye lens; typically I am not a fan of gizmo products. Mostly I take a cinematic-documentation approach to photography, hence a classic style of do-it-right in the camera. However the shots that this lens can produce have been in high demand. In observance of my business plan creativity and service is the product.