Business Plan

In updating my core business plan there are some key terms that I wanted to share with you and how they have an effect on my professional and personal philosophy.

Transparency – Is why this blog make sense to me: For the reason that it has evolved into maintaining and developing professional and individual relationships. Consecutively it helps to keep me focused on my business plan. I like people to have an understanding of my compositional methods as it applies in cooperation with art and business; to share my success and failures, for my openness to build trust and relationships.

Open Hand Philosophy - Is why I embrace creative commons, releasing copyrights to the clients and why I stay away from conventional marketing and advertising. We choose to release the rights and educate our clients on all the different resources the digital market place has to offer. Free culture is the foundation in the what/why of our achievements. Thus clients can get to know us not by what they purchase from us but what they can learn through us first.

Permission Marketing – Opt-in (asking permission to a specific and targeted audience) instead of opt-out (bulk marketing to an un-targeted audience) method of marketing. We will ask prospective clients permission before marketing our demo materials to them. Maintaining this blog is furthermore a working/marketing portfolio in which the reader is invited to learn about the professional and private side of me. In which copyrights, customer education, choices, loyalty, art, morals, truth and the emotional connection I have for sharing my passion for photography is written about daily. Permission marketing for me is about constructing an ongoing relationship of increasing the span and depth with clients.

Profit is not the bottom line (integral part to success) however long term sustainable presence in the industry is in conjunction with:

* Balance lifestyle of professional & personal (Transparency)

* Satisfying & Educating clients (Open Hand Philosophy, Permission Marketing)

* Increase earning a living & contributing to the wellbeing of others (Transparency)

* Community & environmental responsibility (Transparency, Open Hand Philosophy)

All of the above have shared fates with one another. Without each of these bottom line actions, none can exist.

Traditional business tells us we are in business to simply and to only make money. The question that I ask is: with new technology should there not be new philosophy toward business? Can creativity and service be the product?