Last Night & a Guitar

Spent last night with my friend Mike Weir(hypnotherapist/photographer), Mike deals a lot in past life regression. Personally past life/reincarnations are non-issues to me; if your last lifetime did not work out I say focus on this lifetime. Nevertheless when Mike talks about photography you listen, for the reason that he could be on his third lifetime as a photographer (that's a lot of shutter bugging experience:)). Check out Mike's site (here) he does a lot of immense work helping people recover from cancer and other serious ailments.

Our conversation turned into a debate on the present buzz about the movie/book "The Secret". For myself I feel that "The Secret" is universal perennial philosophy and that the authors should not be making money off of other people's work. With that being said I also feel that it could be a safe stepping stone for further personal development. Mike's reflection on the subject is that it will expose people to the perennial philosophy that they would never have been introduced to. Hence, Christians typically do not study Buddhism, nor do Buddhists study the Islam religion, but within they share state and stage development of transformation and include all. With that though from Mike I have a healthier outlook regarding the possibilities of what "The Secret" could hold for personal development.

To finish off our evening together Mike graciously gave me a new Spanish guitar, deep bows of gratitude for that gift. The guitar has history: not certain of the age however the preceding owners of this instrument played it well. Just holding the guitar you can feel the love and devotion that has been placed into it. I will be getting the guitar refurbished this weekend and it will be tuned to DADGAD tuning.