Notes from a Seminar

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a Steven Covey seminar. Years ago I read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book that Covey wrote. I remembered that I liked the book but not much else. I do recall there was a strong focus on daily practice and constant development of your skills. If you are a reader of this blog then you know that I am a big believer in perfection being found in the process. Covey's focus for the seminar was directed towards corporate life but I couldn't help but notice how much of his talk would serve the artist community. Listed below are my notes that I was taking during this seminar.

  • Service is your brand: brand is your promise to your clients
  • What people want: to live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy
  • What people need: air, water, and to be understood (Empathic)
  • Stimulus = Response = Freedom to choose
  • The secret to answering the big is found in answering the small (this is my personal favorite, perfection is found in the process)
  • 8th habit: Finding your voice in body, mind, heart and spirit

Expanding upon the 8th Habit: if you love it and you're good at it then go for it. This is where most artist people fail to exceed their dreams. Too often we believe that our passion and talents are not socially acceptable to be a productive part of society. Personally this has been a demon that I used to struggle with. Fortunately I have found out that following my bliss is productive on a personal, economical, and spiritual level and hopefully it will be the legacy that I will leave.