Compositional Flow

Below is a general answers to e-mails I received asking how to keep continuousness thoughts on compositional flow, open and expressive in your daily practice. What follow is a detail daily record of my personal psychology/philosophy practices that I try to capture into my daily work. Various items may take hours while some may only take an expression of my consciousness. The objective for the daily devotion towards my practice is to open up my compositional flow. Hope this helps....

(MY)-- Body + Mind + Soul, in Self, Culture & Nature -- Practice

Reading (Mind, Self) .. (current) Stuart: a life backwards by Alexander Master
Music (body, mind, soul, self, culture).Playing guitar & practicing Bach works
Mood (mind, soul, self). Reflection of moment and dwelling into my shadows
Sound (mind, nature) Awareness of my environment
Sight (Mind, nature) Awareness of my environment
Smell (mind, nature) Awareness of my environment
Temperature (body) Awareness of my environment
Thoughts/Theory (mind, soul, culture) .Expending my integral practice (&) Technical aspect of photography
Grateful For (mind, self, soul).Thankfulness for this moment
Work Out (body, self) swimming laps, morning yoga
Spiritual Practice (mind, soul) meditation in the morning & prayer at night