Era of Mediocrity

In an era of mediocrity, art does not need to apologize, or does it?
Allow me the opportunity to step off my pulpit and rant a while about
different things I have seen/heard in the photography community. Should
photographers apologize for their work? Expanding upon a previous post,
service is our brand, and our brand is our promise to our client. When
a client is not happy, a re-shoot is in order. I am not reinventing the
wheel, and I am sure most photographers would agree with me on that
point. When Mother Nature or uncooperative people cause your shoot to
go misguided and the final product does not meet expectation, who has to
apologize? The photographer. Composition, creativity, overcoming
problems, thinking out side the box and then cutting the box in half and
being even more innovative is our job.

In no way do I expect photographers to be perfect, nor do I expect
perfection from myself every time I click the shutter. I do (getting
back up on my pulpit
) believe, preach, scream that perfection is found
in the process and you must love and respect the entire process. If
that preceding sentence bugs you then get out of the business, except no
money for what you do, walk away from the tri-pod, give up the dream
of becoming the next great whomever you want to be that you are currently not as good as photographer ( that's the rant part).